Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 988

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Chapter 988: Divorce

“As long as the Empress Dowager can support the emperor and empress, even if you beat this servant to death, this servant will not mind.”  Su Jin said in a low voice.

“Su Jin, this widow has really cared about you in vain, all in vain!  You’ve followed this widow all these years and even now you still don’t understand this widow’s heart!  You…..You have betrayed this widow’s trust in you!”

Empress Dowager Zhou said in a hurt voice.  Although she raised her cane, she couldn’t bear to bring it down.

Su Jin couldn’t help breaking out in tears.  She came forward two steps and hugged Empress Dowager Zhou’s leg, crying as she said, “This servant knows her wrongs, but this servant truly does not want to separate these lovers.  Empress Dowager, the emperor was born from you, could it be that you are willing to see him unhappy for the rest of his life?”

“Could it be that he would be happy being ridiculed by all the people in the world?  Don’t you know, if he marries the Chen Family’s girl, how much ridicule will he have to bear?  If the kings and ministers learned of this, the empress that he married was his nephew’s princess, he wouldn’t be able to raise his head for the rest of his life!  He shouldn’t think of remaining on his throne! You just want to support them as lovers, but have you ever thought about supporting this widow and the emperor?”

Empress Dowager Zhou pointed her hand as Su Jin in a disappointed manner, “This widow’s words are normally wasted on you!  Don’t you know by doing this, you are harming the emperor rather than helping him!”

Su Jin’s face turned white and she began to tremble as she said in a shaky voice, “This servant didn’t think that much, this servant just felt that they were just too pitiful…..”

“Don’t say anymore, immediately call the emperor over for this widow!”  Empress Dowager Zhou slammed her dragon headed cane down.

“Empress Dowager, you want to…..”  Su Jin bit her lip as she looked at Empress Dowager Zhou.

“This widow wants him to divorce her!  If he doesn’t divorce that girl, this widow will die in front of him!”  Empress Dowager Zhou angrily said.

As her voice fell, there was a firm and clear voice that came from outside.

“Mother, your son definitely not get a divorce!”

With this sound, the door were pushed open and Mo Chuan’s tall form appeared in front of Su Jin and Empress Dowager Zhou.

When Empress Dowager Zhou sent people for the genealogy records, Mo Chuan knew this matter couldn’t be hidden.  He also didn’t want to hide it, so he came to the Peaceful Life Palace, hearing the conversation between Su Jin and Empress Dowager Zhou.

“Emperor, you came right on time.  This widow wants to ask you, hiding everything, was it fun hiding this from this widow!”

Empress Dowager Zhou looked at Mo Chuan and she was filled with rage.  She stood up and slapped her cane over Mo Chuan’s face.

She was angry that her son used this kind of act first method, even hiding it from her, his mother.

She said she was angry, but she was more hurt.

Mo Chuan just stood there without using internal energy to resist, letting Empress Dowager Zhou hit him again and again with the cane.

Empress Dowager Zhou was truly angered, not showing any mercy at all.  After several hits of the cane, there were bloody marks on Mo Chuan’s body.

“Empress Dowager, please show mercy!”  Su Jin’s heart was beating fast and she couldn’t help begging for mercy for Mo Chuan.

“You all……You all are angering this widow to death!”

Empress Dowager Zhou forcefully slammed the cane on the ground and she sat own in her chair.

Her heart was feeling pain for her son.  When she slammed her cane on Mo Chuan, her heart hurt more than Mo Chuan.

“Mother, if you’re angry at our son, keep hitting and your son will not complain at all.  However, to have your son get a divorce, that is impossible.” Mo Chuan slowly kneeled down in front of Empress Dowager Zhou, speaking in a firm voice.

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