Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 986

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Chapter 986: Letting out a long line to catch big fish

Doctor Zhang nodded in agreement, “The empress is saying that if this Netherworld Grass can really cure snake poison, the person who sent this herb should have done it by coincidence and isn’t the culprit.”

When the two said this, Mo Chuan couldn’t make up his mind.

“Xiao Xi, which minister’s family member sent this box?”

“Reporting to the emperor, it’s……It’s that He who watches the gates, He Shou Zhen.”  Xiao Si looked at the name on the box and couldn’t help reporting in a strange voice.

Hearing this, Mo Chuan’s face also revealed a strange look.

That He Shou Zhen meant the little official who was in charge of watching the royal palace’s gates.  He was a seventh grade ministers and had no place in the court, it was too much of a difference from the identity of the culprit Chen Ning already had.

“It can’t be him.”  Mo Chuan couldn’t help shaking his head.

A small official at the gates, how could he be that bold to harm the emperor and empress?  Even if he did succeed, what would he gain?”

Chen Ning’s eyes lit up and she said, “A small gate official, if he wasn’t certain that the thing he sent into the palace could cure my poison, he definitely wouldn’t send this extremely poisonous grass into the palace.  I think that this person is suspicious. He won’t be the real culprit, but he could be a piece being used by the culprit!”

“Ning’er, what do you mean?”  Mo Chuan couldn’t understand what she meant, “Doesn’t the real culprit want to kill people?  Why would he now save people? If this He Shou Zhen isn’t the culprit, could it be the culprit is someone else?”

Chen Ning said with a sign, “This culprit is very sly, he is even smarter than I imagined.  I wanted to beat the grass to scare the snake and draw the snake out, but he already saw through this move, so he made a small concession.  He used this small gate official to test our intentions. This Netherworld Grass really seems to be the antidote to my snake poison, but he doesn’t want to save me, rather he wants to tie up loose ends.  He will continue scheming from behind the scenes, making us unable to catch his tail.”

Mo Chuan’s eyes lit up with a cold light and he said in a hate filled voice, “If it is like this, wasn’t everything we did for nothing?  This real culprit is truly sly!”

“It wasn’t for nothing.  This He Shou Zhen was used by him, so naturally we can also use him.  How about we use his tricks against him, laying out a line to hook in the big fish!”

Chen Ning said with a smile.

“Ning’er, how do we use his plan against him?”  Mo Chuan saw her narrow her eyes and knew that she had thought of a scheme again, feeling worship towards her and finding her funny.

“You can send Zhui Feng to investigate this matter.  He is your best hidden guard, coming and going without a trace.  You can have him follow this He Shou Zhen and see who he has approached lately, if there is anything strange, or if he has made any transactions.  You will definitely be able to find that hidden person.”

“Good!  A good way of using his plans against him!”  Mo Chuan couldn’t help smiling and pinching her nose, “Were you a fox in your past life?  No matter how sly this culprit is, he won’t be able to avoid your plans!”

Chen Ning giggled before saying, “You also have to write a decree to greatly reward this He Shou Zhen, giving him a large position.  Like this, the real culprit won’t have any suspicions.”

“Good, this one will immediately write the decree.  Xiao Si, grind the ink!”

Mo Chuan immediately picked up a pen and wrote a decree.

Imperial decree: He Shou Zhen’s medicine had effect and cured the empress, so he will be greatly rewarded.  The seventh grade official gate guard Shou Zhen will be conferred with a fifth grade imperial guard vice commander official rank.

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