Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 985

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Chapter 985: Netherworld Grass

Doctor Zhang looked at the herbs and couldn’t help praising them.

As a doctor, his medical skills alone were far from enough.  If there wasn’t good medicine, no matter how powerful one’s medical skills were, it was all hopeless.

So when he saw these good herbs that normally couldn’t be seen, his eyes lit up.  He picked up the boxes and seemed a bit unwilling to put them down.

Mo Chuan said with a faint smile, “Doctor Zhang, you can take any useful herbs you find.  If these herbs are in your hand, you will definitely make best use of them to cure more people and more illnesses.”

Doctor Zhang was filled with joy as he excitedly said, “Many thanks, emperor!”

Mo Chuan looked at Chen Ning, “Ning’er, what do you see?”

Although Chen Ning didn’t understand medicine, there were the shapes and effects of many herbs in her memory.  Matching them with the real items, she already had some ideas in her heart.

She looked more carefully than doctor Zhang.  Those material for the pills and their effects were all clearly written, most of them were effective for curing poison.  Her eyes finally fell onto a jet black small piece of grass and she gave a soft “yi” sound.

“What is this grass?”  Chen Ning approached the box and took a sniff, causing a bad scent to fill her nose.

“Empress, be careful!  You mustn’t touch that!  This is Netherworld Grass, it is very poisonous!”  Doctor Zhang’s expression changed and he anxiously called out.

Hearing the word poison, Mo Chuan’s eyes instantly narrowed and pulled Chen Ning back by her hand.  At the same time, his right palm went out, sending the box onto the ground and causing the little piece of grass to fall out of the box.

“Xiao Si, see who that box came from!”  Mo Chuan said in a sharp voice.

Chen Ning raised her hand to stop his hand and smiled at him, “Mo Chuan, don’t freak out at the word poison.  There are poison that can harm people and there are poison that can save people.”

She looked at doctor Zhang, “If my guesses aren’t wrong, although this Netherworld Grass is very poisonous, it is also a medicine that can cure poison, right?”

Doctor Zhang came back to his senses.  He wrapped a cloth over his hand and carefully picked up the Netherworld Grass, looking over it.

“Yes, it is as the empress says.  This Netherworld Grass grows in cold and damp places, it doesn’t see sunlight at all.  As long as sunlight is shine on the grass, it will immediately turn to dust, hence its name Netherworld Grass.  However the place it lives is filled with snakes, so the medical books say that the poison it has is the best way to counteract snake poison.  This is where using poison to counteract poison in the medical books came from.”

“Cures snake poisons?”  Chen Ning’s eyes instantly lit up.

She immediately looked at Mo Chuan, “The Empress Dowager’s decree said that I was inflicted with a strange poison, it didn’t say it was snake poison.  This Netherworld Grass is poisonous and it can only cure snake poison. Although I’m not certain if it can cure the snake’s poison, if the person who sent this medicine didn’t know that I was inflicted with snake poison, why would they send this kind of poisonous herb into the palace?  Mo Chuan, don’t you think that this is just too coincidental?”

Mo Chuan’s eyes lit up and he said in a thought filled voice, “That’s right, this is too coincidental.  The person who sent this herb is most likely the real culprit!”

Chen Ning also spoke in a voice filled with thought, “If they were the culprit, why would they right antidote into the palace?  They wanted to hurt people, so why are they saving people?”

She shook her head, feeling very confused.

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