Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 984

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Chapter 984: Entering the palace to offer medicine

To make this play perfect, naturally doctor Zhang had to play along.

This was because Empress Dowager Zhou trusted doctor Zhang the most.  She never would have thought that doctor Zhang would collude with Mo Chuan on this play, so she immediately believed it.

Doctor Zhang said, “This old minister wants to catch the culprit as soon as possible, there is nothing else I want.”

Mo Chuan nodded.

“Ning’er, what do you think about mother…..”  He looked at Chen Ning and his words stopped.

Although he didn’t say it, Chen Ning already guessed what he wanted to say.  She immediately shook her head and said, “This matter isn’t related to the Empress Dowager at all, she doesn’t know a thing.”

She had just seen Empress Dowager Zhou’s expression through the gauze.  Empress Dowager Zhou only took a look at her and asked a few words, she was completely focused on the Eldest Princess placed on death row.

Mo Chuan naturally felt a bit resentful towards Empress Dowager Zhou because of this, but Chen Ning wasn’t angry.

She and Empress Dowager Zhou didn’t have any deep feelings.  According to human nature, it was natural that Empress Dowager Zhou would be more worried about her daughter.

Hearing Chen Ning’s words, Mo Chuan let out a sigh of relief.  He was most worried that this matter was planned by Empress Dowager Zhou.

“What do we do now?”  He asked.


Chen Ning winked, “Empress Dowager Zhou will write the decree when she heads back, let’s just wait for the news.”


News quickly passed through the capital city.  The Empress was poisoned by a strange poison on her wedding night and was now on the verge of death.

The Empress Dowager had given the decree that any family with poison curing medicine come deliver the medicine into the palace.  If they could save the empress’ life, they would be heavily rewarded!

This news was like a giant stone falling into a calm lake, instantly creating giant waves.

The ministers were all stirred.

They had been drinking the emperor and empress’ wedding wine a day ago, but they never would have expected this kind of bad news the next day.

Since then, the ministers all opened their storages to find life saving pills because this was a good chance to please the emperor and empress.  A good chance to increase their ranks, who wanted to let it go?

There were many carriages outside the palace and it was very lively.

Because the one injured was the empress, it was not convenient for the ministers to go.  They sent their family members to deliver the medicine, heading to the Guan Yu Palace to find the empress.

Only they were all stopped outside the door without a single exception, they couldn’t even see one of the empress’ hair.  They all heard the emperor’s cold voice coming from within, telling them all to wait outside.

The family members brought all kinds of medicines.  There were creams, powders, pills, and soups, all placed inside boxes.

Xiao Si didn’t dare be negligent this time, he personally checked each box, looking over them carefully.  After noticing nothing strange, he sent them to the emperor inside the room.

“Ning’er, doctor Zhang, is there anything strange about the medicines being sent in?”

Mo Chuan had Xiao Si open all the boxes and place them on the table, letting Chen Ning and doctor Zhang look over them.

He didn’t understand medicine, he didn’t know whether these medicines were poisonous or not.  This method was thought of by Chen Ning, so she must have some ideas.

“This is a several hundred year old China Root, it is a very hard to find medicine.  Although it can’t cure all poison, it will have a strong body strengthening effect after being taken.  Not bad, not bad. Also there is this mountain ginseng with a deep brown colour, it is also a very good medicine.  Very good, very good.”

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