Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 889

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Chapter 889: Being one’s true self

Su Jin bit her lips.  She was kneeling to Mo Chuan, but she courageously raised her her head and spoke.

“Only if the Empress Dowager knew the truth, her old body won’t be able to take this shock.  Emperor, you don’t know how happy the Empress Dowager is now. This servant has been with the Empress Dowager for many years and this is the first time I’ve seen her this happy.  This servant cannot bare to let an old person like her be disappointed. Emperor, the Empress Dowager has always had high hopes for you and although she has always been strict, the person she loves most in her heart is you.  Could it be you can bear to break the Empress Dowager’s heart?”

The sentiment in her words were clear.  Mo Chuan was silent, looking at her without saying a word.

“Emperor, this servant knows that you and miss Chen are in love and this servant is willing to see you come together.  It’s fine if you take miss Chen as a consort or a concubine, the Empress Dowager loves her son and wouldn’t stop you, but if you only take miss Chen as your empress……The empress’ family name and background is written in the royal family’s records, what will you do about miss Chen’s identity?  The Empress Dowager has ordered the ceremony ministers to perform the six ceremonies and write the three books for miss Chen and has given the ‘name asking’ ceremony to this servant to take care of. I ask the emperor, how will you let this servant report to the Empress Dowager?”

Mo Chuan knit his brows and took a deep look at Chen Ning.  He said in a clear voice, “This one only wants to marry her, this one doesn’t want to marry her family.  No matter who she is, this one will marry her! This one will tell the world that this one’s empress is called Chen Ning.  It’s fine if she General Chen’s daughter, it’s fine if she isn’t, this one wants to marry her! You can tell mother this.”

Su Jin’s face turned white and she felt her body go limp.  She looked at Mo Chuan in a daze, not saying a single world.

She thought in her heart: There’s going to be chaos, what to do?  What should she do?

“Aunt Su Jin.”  Chen Ning took a step forward and lifted her up from the ground.  She said in a soft voice, “Don’t blame the emperor, he has this kind of temper no matter what.  Don’t be worried, let’s slowly discuss and think of a method.”

“But miss Chen, haven’t you already married to East Qin as the Crown Princess?  You….Why are you back in the capital city? Your current identity, is it still the Crown Princess?  Or are you General Chen’s daughter?” Su Jin looked at Chen Ning in a daze as her heart was filled with chaos.

“I am not General Chen’s daughter, I am not the Ding Yuan Princess, and I am not the East Qin Crown Princess.  Everyone knows that General Chen’s daughter Chen Ning has been married to the East Qin Crown Prince and I am just a normal girl without any status, but my name is also Chen Ning.”  She gave a soft smile.

She spoke the truth, but it was a truth that even Mo Chuan didn’t understand.

This was because she was a wandering soul from another world.  The real her was no one, she was just herself.

Putting aside the real Chen Ning’s identity was like taking off a heavy chain.  She finally felt her body feeling much more relaxed.

She could finally be her true self.

“Not bad.  Aunt Su Jin, she is not just a normal civilian girl.  She is the empress set by mother and her name is, Chen Ning!”  Mo Chuan said word for word.

“But, but…..”  Su Jin’s brain couldn’t rotate fast enough, “How should this servant report this to the Empress Dowager?”

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