Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 887

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Chapter 887: Pampering that girl

He thought in his heart, the emperor had brought the girl into his room and closed the door, so there was no need to guess to know that he was pampering the girl.

When he was guarding the palace gates, his heart was filled with curiosity.

This was the first time the emperor was pampering a girl, but what was going on here?  Were the two of them sleeping together without clothes on? But it was day, how could they sleep?

He had been brought into the palace since he was young and didn’t understand the matters between men and women.  He couldn’t understand even if he smashed his head.

Although Su Jin had kept her body clean for over forty years, she had been in the palace a long time and understood this matter better than Xiao Si.  Once she heard the word “sleep”, her face couldn’t help turning red. Her heart was boiling and she became more anxious.

“Didn’t the emperor bring a girl in here?”  She asked.

“Yi?  Aunt Su Jin, how do you know this?  Yes, the emperor brought a green clothed girl into his room, he must be pampering her.  Aunt Su Jin, after all these years, the emperor has never favoured any palace girls, this girl is the first.  How could this servant dare to disturb the emperor’s fun.” Xiao Si said with a smile.

Su Jin slapped the back of Xiao Si’s head and scolded, “Pamper, pamper!  If you dare speak nonsense again, I’ll tell the Empress Dowager and have her cut off your tongue!  Quickly announce me, I must see the emperor.”

When Xiao Si heard the words “Empress Dowager”, he began to shiver as his butt began to fill with pain.

“Good aunt, you can’t tell the Empress Dowager.  Once the Empress Dowager is angered, this servant’s butt will taste the board again.  However, this servant truly does not dare disturb the emperor……”

Xiao Si’s face scrunched up.  Before he even finished, Su Jin cut him off.

“Go tell the emperor that I have news on miss Chen Ning, the emperor will definitely want to see me.”

Xiao Si was shocked and his eyes popped out.

“Chen, Chen, Chen…..Ning?  You’re talking about the Princess Consort?  No, she’s not the Princess Consort, she’s the East Qin Crown Prince.”  He stuttered.

“That’s right.  Say this and see if the emperor will see me or not.”

In the room, Su Jin and Xiao Si’s answer and question session had been clearly transmitted.  Mo Chuan had heard every word and he couldn’t help knitting his brows.

Chen Ning also clearly heard Su Jin’s final words and stood up from the bed.  She said in a soft voice, “Aunt Su Jin must have noticed. Mo Chuan, I want to go out and see her.”

“Not allowed!”  Mo Chuan grabbed her, “Just let me take care of this.”

“Mo Chuan, we can’t hide this matter anymore.  Since Aunt Su Jin is asking to see you, she must know the truth and she has always been good to me, so she won’t harm me.  How about we just tell her? I believe that she would support use.”

“She is mother’s closest person.  If she knows, the first thing she would do is tell mother, so no!”

“Believe me, if aunt Su Jin really wanted to tell the Empress Dowager, the one coming here wouldn’t be her, but rather the Empress Dowager.”

Mo Chuan looked at her approving smile and said with a nod, “You’re right.”

He raised his voice, “Xiao Si, have aunt Su Jin head to the side hall.  This one will come immediately.”

When Xiao Si was feeling conflicted, he suddenly heard the emperor’s voice.  He suddenly recovered his senses and replied, “Yes, emperor.”

“Aunt Su Jin, please come this way.”

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