Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 886

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Chapter 886: Person who doesn’t exist

As for her performance after in the Happy Heart Pavilion, he was even more surprised.

This was because all three tests were thought of on the spot and in order to be fair,  he didn’t give her any special consideration. He believed in her abilities, she could certainly pass these test and win in the end, but he never thought that she would do better than he imagined.

Not only did she convince him, she also convinced Empress Dowager Zhou!

It was because Empress Dowager Zhou liked her more and more that Mo Chuan deliberately went against her, despising her and taunting her.

The more Empress Dowager Zhou liked and protected her, the more he looked down on her and despised her.

In the end, everyone was deceived by him.

Other than him, there was no one that knew that when she showed off her talents, the happiest person present was him!

Of course, the final result was as he had expected and it was even better than that.  He thought that Empress Dowager Zhou would appreciate her for her talent, but would still have concerns on her appearance and leg.

But he never thought that Empress Dowager would like her so much that she would ignore all these faults.

Empress Dowager Zhou never thought that the empress she carefully picked for her son would be her son’s beloved woman.  When she learned the truth, it would be unknown how she would feel.

Mo Chuan was elated because everything was going better than he planned.

When Empress Dowager Zhou spoke up for her, this was already saying she had picked his empress, almost making him burst out in laughter.

He couldn’t hold in his inner happiness, so he impatiently picked her up and left.  He had to find a place to share his happiness with her, otherwise he felt like he would explode.

But Chen Ning was not as happy as Mo Chuan.  She felt that the more Empress Dowager Zhou liked her, when she found out the truth, she would be more disappointed and sad.

“Ai, Mo Chuan, are we going to keep lying like this?  Paper can’t wrap up fire eventually. The Empress Dowager just needs to send people to ask around to know that I am someone who doesn’t exist at all.”  She gave a soft sigh.

“So what?  She appointed you as my empress in front of everyone.  You are alive in front of me, I can hug and kiss you, who says you don’t exist!  Un?”

Mo Chuan lowered his head and kissed her again.

Her lips were as sweet as honey, making him feel like it was never enough.  When he thought of how she would truly belong to him in three days, the blood all over his body began to boil.

Their noses touched as their breaths intertwined and they tightly hugged each other.  The temperature in the room increased as they felt like their bodies were on fire.

Mo Chuan thought, no, he couldn’t keep kissing her like this, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to control himself.

But he couldn’t bear to leave her lips no matter what.

“Aunt Su Jin, the emperor said that no one is allowed to bother him.  You….Don’t go in!”

Xiao Si’s high pitched voice came from outside the palace making the two people who were filled with passionate flames feel like they had been doused by a bucket of cold water, instantly cooling them down.

“I have something important I have to see the emperor about, don’t think of stopping me!  Xiao Si, you aren’t reporting me yet?” Su Jin raised her voice.

“I really can’t, how could this servant have that courage.  The emperor…..he ordered that no one is allowed in!”

Xiao Si stuck out his tongue and made a face to Su Jin.  He smiled as he said, “Aunt Su Jin, let’s not disturb the emperor’s rest at this time.”

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