Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 858

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Chapter 858: Secretly choosing

Empress Dowager Zhou kept her in her mind.  She looked over at the emperor and saw Mo Chuan’s gaze pausing slightly on the back of that green clothed girl.

Although Mo Chuan had quickly turned away, Empress Dowager Zhou knew in her heart.

“Su Jin.”

Empress Dowager Zhou called Su Jin and didn’t say anything else.  Su Jin pursed her lips into a smile as she replied.

“Empress Dowager, this servant understands.”

She was the same as Empress Dowager Zhou, she had a strange good feeling towards this green clothed girl whose face she couldn’t see.

Su Jin had followed Empress Dowager Zhou for decades, she already knew her thoughts.  She wanted her to find the name of the green clothed girl while chasing out the others who had been disappointing.

She was prepared to follow the order when her eyes looked over and she was stunned.

Now that they had calmed down after the snake panic, the girls returned to normal.  Some had graceful appearances and some had dignified appearances, completely different from how scared they looked before.

Those girls had treated this girl as a life saving buddha, but now that the danger had passed, the girls couldn’t help looking over the green clothed girl with looks of contempt.

No one thanked the green clothed girl and didn’t even look at her.  They walked past her and gave cold snorts.

The green clothed girl didn’t care as she left on her own, not caring about the other girls.

When she walked away, Empress Dowager Zhou and Su Jin couldn’t help giving an “ah” sound.  There was an indescribable surprise in their voice.

This was because when the green clothed girl didn’t move, she looked delicate and graceful, but when she did move, it revealed her shortcoming.

When she walked, one foot was high and one was low.  She was actually a cripple!

Although her limp wasn’t bad, it was still an inconvenient shortcoming.

“Ai, a pity, a pity.”  Empress Dowager couldn’t help shaking her head as her eyes revealed a look of regret.

She had been impressed by this green clothed girl, but seeing that she was a cripple, that thought instantly disappeared into smoke.

“The Empress Dowager’s meaning is…..”  Su Jin said in a soft voice.

Empress Dowager Zhou watched the girl’s back as she limped away for a short while and her heart filled with empathy.

“That girl is pitiful, no need to chase her out.”

Her meaning was that other than the green clothed girl, the others would all be chased out.

Su Jin understood and when to execute the order.  In the blink of an eye, several dozen girls were sent out of the palace again.

Empress Dowager Zhou had spent a lot of thought in picking an empress for the emperor.

She guessed that her son meant that the person chosen as the empress must be talented and have a high morality.

As for talent, it wasn’t hard for test these girls on their talent.  The one that made it hard for her was “morality”, this was not something that could be tested.  How could they see a girl’s morality in a short period of time?

Empress Dowager Zhou thought about it and thought of this secret choice method.

When these girls came into the royal garden, they had been very nervous, but who would have thought that they wouldn’t see the emperor and Empress Dowager at all.  They were told that the emperor and Empress Dowager couldn’t attend temporarily and they should entertain themselves for now.

Although the girls were disappointed, their nervous hearts couldn’t help relaxing.

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