Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 859

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Chapter 859: Testing talent

The girls slowly wandered the royal gardens in small groups.  Their hearts were relaxed and they had smiles on their faces.

This was the effect Empress Dowager Zhou wanted to see.

This was because a person would only show their true selves when they were relax.  It was much easier to see their advantages and disadvantages.

It had to be said, it was a very smart move from Empress Dowager Zhou.

No matter how smart and how well they hid themselves, how could these young girls be as calculative and deep thinking as Empress Dowager Zhou?

Empress Dowager Zhou and Mo Chuan’s position in the pavilion was very good.  Although it was high, they could see every corner of the royal gardens. However, because of the foliage, even if the girls in the royal garden looked up, they wouldn’t be able to see the people in the pavilion.

They could only see the green tree tops above them.  No one would think that Empress Dowager Zhou and the emperor would be secretly watching their every move and listening to their every word.

As for the two previous scenes, the stepping on the dress and the snake skin in the tree, they were all tests Empress Dowager Zhou had ordered others to prepare to test their morality.

Although the method was eccentric, the results were obvious.  How could they girls think that when their deep set inferiority was revealed, they would be immediately sent out.

This test method continued to show results, with several dozen more girls being sent out of the palace.

The girls in the garden noticed that there were less and less of them and some of the smarter people understood the profound reason under this.  They became even more careful with their actions and words.

After a round of secret selection, there were only twenty girls left in the yard which made Empress Dowager Zhou satisfied.

“Emperor, the girls in the garden now have all passed this widow’s test, they all have good character.  Now it is time to test their talents and also time for us to show our faces. Let us go.”

Empress Dowager Zhou held Su Jin’s hand as she slowly stood up.

“Your son admires mother’s bright ideas.”

Although Mo Chuan never said a word, he had seen everything that had happened in the garden.  His words were sincere because the only person that could think of such an eccentric method of testing morality was Empress Dowager Zhou.

“This widow wants nothing else but to help you pick a good empress.  Seeing you in love and getting married, this widow cannot hope for anything else.”

Empress Dowager Zhou looked at Mo Chuan with a deep gaze before walking out of the pavilion holding Su Jin’s hand, walking down the false mountain.

Currently the girls were gathered in the center of the garden.  They were in two rows and were standing still.

Each one of them was carefully watching with their hearts in their throats, not even daring to breathe too loudly.

This was because they had already been informed that the emperor and the Empress Dowager would immediately come and test their talents.  How could they not be nervous?”

“The emperor has arrived!”

“The Empress Dowager has arrived!”

With the loud announcement from the eunuch, the girls all kneeled on the ground and spoke in unison.

“Long live the emperor, long live the Empress Dowager.”

“Everyone can stand.”

Empress Dowager Zhou raised her hand with a slight smile, signalling to these girls to stand.

Mo Chuan sat down in the head seat and Empress Dowager Zhou sat down beside him.

After the girls had bowed nine times according to the rules did they dare stand up, but not a single one dared raise their head.

They only dared look at the yellow figure sitting in the highest seat from the corner of their eyes.

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