Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 836

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Chapter 836: Dare say, but does not dare do

“How could I be jealous of Xiao Ru?  Don’t you want to kill two birds with one stone?”

“What kind of person do you think I am!  Un?” Mo Chuan pinched her nose as punishment.  Of course he didn’t dare use strength, he just lightly tapped it and took back his hand.

“Then how do you want to be good to her?”  She blinked innocently.

“She’s your maid, of course I’d treat her differently.  Whatever she wants, I can give her. I remember that your maid seems to like money a lot, right?  She even gave me the name lots of money, humph!”

Thinking of that ugly and cheesy nickname, Mo Chuan’s face turned black.

Chen Ning began to giggle, “I feel it suits you very much, who told you to be cheated out of fifty silvers.  You are someone foolish with a lot of money.”

“Alright, you dare laugh at this one, watch how this one punishes you!”  He gestured that he was about to tickle her.

She hugged his arm and said with a smile, “Emperor husband, have mercy.”

“Say that last word.  If you say it nicely, this one will spare you.”

“Husband!”  She immediately corrected herself and revealed a sly smile.  It made his heart feel ticklish, like it was being swiped at by a small feather.




“Husband, husband, husband…..”   She smiled at him while calling him this.  Hearing this almost made his heart melt.

He covered her mouth with a hand.

“Don’t…..Stop calling me this.  If you keep going, I can’t hold on.”  His forehead was covered in sweat.

Chen Ning couldn’t stop herself from laughing, how could he be this cute!

Mo Chuan gritted his teeth and stared at her.  She was a troublesome little enchantress, provoking him and not letting him vent himself.

He felt that if he continued lying beside her, he would suffer all night.  So he got up and prepared to meditate on the bench beside the bed all night.

Who would have thought that she would throw herself into his arms, wrapping her soft arms around his waist, making him freeze again.

“Ning’er, stop playing.  If you keep pestering me, I’ll do something very bad to you!”  He warned.

She thought in her heart, I want you to do very bad things to me, but you won’t.

“Alright, do it.  Don’t just dare say it and don’t dare do it!”  She deliberately taunted him.

“I…..”  He really didn’t dare.  He wasn’t afraid, he was just scared of hurting her.

“I know you won’t dare.”  She said with a smile.

“If you keep provoking me, I really won’t care.”  His face sunk.

She stuck out her tongue before saying with a smile, “I’m just joking with you.  Mo Chuan, last time you cured me of the drug and wasted a large amount of internal energy, have you been using the medicine doctor Zhang has decocted the entire time?  How is your internal energy?”

Speaking of serious matters, Mo Chuan’s expression became serious.

He nodded, “Ning’er, I want to talk to you about this matter.  I didn’t have time to ask you last time because I was too rushed, but other than doctor Zhang, have you given this medicine recipe to anyone else?”

Chen Ning shook her head and said, “I haven’t.  I don’t know if this recipe is real or fake, I just read it in an ancient book.  I really had no choice back then, I could only treat the dead horse as a live horse.”  Saying this, she winked at him with a smile.

Mo Chuan knew that she was making fun of him, but he didn’t laugh and revealed a serious expression.

“I’ve already had doctor Zhang make pills according to this method.  According to my estimates, these pills can increase a cultivator’s internal energy and it has a large benefit.  However, this matter cannot be exposed, otherwise not only you, even the entire West Chu might fall into danger.  Ning’er, do you understand me meaning?”

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