Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 837

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Chapter 837: A present that can’t be rejected

Chen Ning turned her eyes and revealed a bright glow, “You’re saying a man’s wealth is his own ruin?”

“That’s right.”  Mo Chuan revealed a smile of praise to her.  She really was smart, immediately understanding.

“I will definitely keep this a secret, I definitely won’t reveal it.  You can relax.” She promised.

“With you, of course I’m relaxed.  There aren’t many people that know about this matter, just you, me, doctor Zhang, and Zhui Feng.  Other than these four people, there isn’t a fifth who knows about this matter!”

“Then…..You didn’t even tell Xiao Si?”

Mo Chuan nodded, “It isn’t that I don’t trust Xiao Si, it’s rather that the less people who know the better.  Xiao Si is naturally loyal to me and wouldn’t do anything to betray me, but he is still young and can’t stand certain kinds of temptations…..For example, your maid, Xiao Ru.”  He said as he gave her a smile.

She blurted out, “Xiao Si is an eunuch, how can Xiao Ru attract him?”

“That is wrong, are eunuchs not men?  Eunuchs have the same feelings as men.  This child Xiao Ru’s background is very pitiful, he entered the palace at a young age and was castrated, perhaps he doesn’t even know the difference between men and women…..”

Mo Chuan thought for a bit and shook his head, not saying anything else.

Chen Ning naturally felt awkward asking, “Alright, I understand.  I won’t even tell Xiao Ru, you’ll be assured that way, right?”

“Ning’er, you still haven’t told me yet, why did prince Na Mu let you go?  According to what I know, he is infatuated with you and must have you, so what method did you use to leave?”

This question had been at the bottom of his heart for a long time, he just never had a chance to ask.

She fixed her hair and smiled at him.

“I gave him a present, one he couldn’t resist.  I asked him, do you want the present or me? In the end, he picked the present and let me go.”  She said while laughing.

“What kind of present is it?  Even the East Qin Crown Prince couldn’t reject it?”  Mo Chuan was filled with curiosity.

“Un, speaking of this, this gift doesn’t have any value to you, but to Na Mu Cuo, it’s a treasure that can’t be obtained with money.”  She deliberately chose not to answer, making his heart fill with impatience.

“You sneaky girl, just what is that present!”

She smiled as she finally said, “Actually it’s a few drawings on how to build a house.  I gave him a few drawings teaching him how to build firm houses and bridges. Tell me, do these drawings have any value to you?”

Mo Chuan was even more confused, “Just drawings of houses?  What treasure is this, isn’t it easy for him to build a house.  Our West Chu have many skilled architects who can make magnificent buildings, as long as he asked, he could take a great architect from us.  Why would he let you go for a few drawings? This is simply unbelievable!”

Chen Ning smiled and said, “You only know one and don’t know two.  The things that you can think of, with Na Mu Cuo being the most intelligent person in the world, how could he not thing of this?  But after all these years, why do the East Qin citizens live in movable tents and don’t live in stable homes? They often migrate.  Moreover, East Qin have many rivers, but their main form of transport over rivers are boats and none of the rivers have any bridges.  Do you know why this is?”

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