Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 835

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Chapter 835: Don’t be jealous

There were many old maids in the palace that were skilled in this matter.  Before the emperor was married, they would teach the emperor various things on this matter.

But he was already twenty four and had always been indifferent, never having an interest in this matter.  Not only did he not have an empress, he didn’t even have a beloved harem girl or consort, so those old maids couldn’t teach him anything.

If he learned earlier, he wouldn’t be as helpless now.

The large drops of sweat on his forehead fell down and his body was as tense as stone.  He was on the verge of exploding, but he didn’t dare do it.

This was because her body was too soft and her skin was too delicate.  Just a gentle touch or pinch would leave a visible mark on her body. Her neck and chest was covered in red and purple marks which made him shocked.

These were all left when he lost control.

How could he keep going!

“Ning’er, are you in a lot of pain?”  He stroked her smooth skin as softly as a feather, not daring to use any force.

“It doesn’t hurt.”

Chen Ning felt a bit strange.  He did not even enter her yet, how could she feel pain?

She opened her eyes and saw his pitying eyes, instantly stunning her.

What was wrong with him?

She followed his eyes and couldn’t help being surprised.  Was her body opening a dye shop? It was red, purple, and green…..

Now she understood.  Her body after transmigrated seemed like it was made of tofu, unbelievably delicate!  He only kissed her and grabbed her a bit, and it already became like this.

“I really don’t feel any pain at all, really.  Keep going.” She knew that he felt pained for her, but she really didn’t feel any pain.  Compared to the pain of the upcoming penetration, this didn’t count for anything.

She also felt pained for him.  It was very hard for him to endure this, the large beads of sweat were already falling from his head, but he never took the final step.  He cared for her this much, she was willing to take the pain for him!


Mo Chuan too a deep breath and closed his eyes, moving off her body.  He grabbed her clothes and covered her snow white body, before putting a blanket over her and letting out a long sigh.

Not receiving any pleasure, of course it was hard for him, but he truly could not keep going!

“Mo Chuan, why are you this good to me…..”  Chen Ning said in a low voice. She leaned in and placed her head of black hair onto his strong shoulder.

Why would he suddenly give up after going halfway, she was more clear on this than anyone.  Her heart was completely moved and she began choking up.

She felt very ashamed.  He pampered her with all his heart, but she misunderstood him, hated him, and became angry at him just now.  She…..had let down the feelings he had given her.

Compared to his emotions, she did too little for him.

“Silly girl, who would I be good to if not you.  Do you want me to be good to your little maid Xiao Ru?”  He gave a gentle laugh and reached his hand out to hold her.  Now that the feeling of excitement disappeared, he could open his heart and joke with her.

“I can’t wish for anything else if you’re good to her.”  She said with a smile, lying in his warm and strong embrace.  Even if they did nothing, she would feel at peace.

“Alright, if I’m really good to her, you can’t be jealous.”

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