Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 834

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Chapter 834: Unwilling to cause her pain

Mo Chuan finally realized something was wrong.  The flame that he had finally extinguished ignited again and was prepared to be released.

He was a bit annoyed.  He couldn’t control himself like this and he couldn’t take off her clothes.  If this continued, wouldn’t the one suffering be him?

When he was about to move aside from her body, he was suddenly stunned as he looked at her in a daze.

Her black hair fell down onto the pillow, framing her white face.  She was currently staring right at him with those clear eyes the sparkled like water and her lips were bright red.

The large red wedding dress was opened at an unknown time and her white as jade skin was looming under those loose inner clothes.  He could see her chest slightly rising and falling from the open neckline, looking delicate and snow white…..

He suddenly looked aside and did not dare look any longer.  His heart had almost jumped out of his chest.

She raised her hand and held his face, deeply looking into his eyes.

“Mo Chuan, do you like it?  If you do, then take it, I am yours.”  She said in a low voice.

“……”  Mo Chuan could not say a single word.

His throat was completely dry and his face was as red as the wedding dress under her.  His strong self control collapsed in front of her and it completely disappeared.

He finally reached out a trembling hand and entered the neckline of her inner clothes, moving down bit by bit.

She closed her eyes in slight shyness, as the smooth as jade skin slid under his palm.

“Dong!  Dong! Dong!”  His heart was beating that fast as he felt the soft feeling from his palm.  He could feel her heartbeat, it was just as fast and loud as his.

His breathing became even more wild.

He never knew that her body would be this soft, it was just like water.  It was smooth as silk and had a faint warmth to it. It was like he was mesmerized as the flame in his heart burned stronger and grew larger.

Their bodies were as hot as flames as they tightly hugged each other, kissing and stroking their bodies.  They were very cautious with the other person’s body, being filled with expectations and nervousness about what would happen next.

Mo Chuan’s body was as tense as a drawn bow.  He had no experience at all, he was just going by instinct.  There were times when he used too much strength and she couldn’t help frowning as she gave a “si” sound.  He immediately stopped and asked her, “Does it hurt?”

He was that cautious as he held her in his palm, not willing to cause her any pain.

But he knew that a woman’s first time would be accompanied by rending pain, making her remember it for the rest of life.  He was her man, her only man!

“It doesn’t hurt.  Just do it if you want to do it, don’t worry about me.”  She took a gasp before whispering in his ear.

Him taking care of her body like this made her feel embarrassed.  She was not a fragile doll, how could she break from just being touched?

Mo Chuan’s body froze.  He took a breath and looked down at her.

Doing this kind of thing, how could he not care about her feelings?  If he only cared about her pleasure and didn’t care if she could bear it or not, how was he any different from a beast!

But he really didn’t have any experience, he didn’t know what he should do to bring her pleasure.

He was filled with remorse, why did he only immerse himself in politics before.  There were many books in the palace related to this, why didn’t he look at them before.

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