Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 830

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Chapter 830: Also wrong if he thought about it

Chen Ning’s face turned red.  It wasn’t from shame, rather from anger!

She suddenly sat up and her eyes opened wide.  Her chest kept going up and down, she was so angry that she couldn’t speak.

What was called she wouldn’t be angry if he wanted her?

She, she, she…..When did she have this meaning!

She wasn’t angry at him for this reason alright!

“Mo Chuan, leave, leave immediately!”  She was filled with rage. She grabbed her pillow and threw it at him, using a lot of force.

He didn’t move at all as he let her hit him.  The soft pillow hitting him was like a tickle, not hurting him at all, but when he saw that she was shaking from anger, it made his heart fill with pain.

He wanted her to be happy, filled with joy, but now he actually made her this angry.

“Ning’er, don’t be angry.  I’ll give you whatever I have, everything is yours!”

Mo Chuan hugged her and pushed her down, forcefully kissing her lip.  His kiss was was filled with strength and it was tightly pressed against her, not letting her say a word.

“Wu, wu, wu!”

She was stunned by the suddenly kiss.  Then she was filled with anger as she angrily struggled to get up.

What did he want to do?  Was she forcing him to take her?  When did she become this cheap?

She was becoming more and more angry, forcefully biting him.

His mouth was hurting and was almost bit open by her.  There was a faint blood taste coming from the tip of his tongue, but he tightly held her, not letting go at all.

She turned to avoid his kiss and was intensely panting.  She was almost choked from his kiss.

“Don’t touch me if you don’t want to.  You want it when you want and don’t want it when you don’t want it, what do you treat me as?  Am I your toy? You….You…..I hate you!”

She loudly shouted out as tears fell from her eyes.  She was too angry at him, she had never been this angry before.  From this moment, she was truly filled with hatred for him!

Mo Chuan’s eyes dimmed and his mouth was filled with the taste of blood.  His lips were burning with pain as he looked at her with confusion.

Beloved girl, just what is your heart thinking?  Why are you so elusive?

She was angry when he didn’t want her and when he did, she said she hated him.  She…..Just what did she want him to do?

“Ning’er, as long as you’re not angry and hate me, I’ll do whatever you want.  Tell me, do you want me to want you or not?”

Mo Chuan saw her face red with anger and his heart was filled with pain.  He felt that she was cute and couldn’t be angry no matter what.

His words were careful.  His words made his face turn red from embarrassment, but he was willing to let go of his pride for her.

“……”  Chen Ning bit her lip, suddenly not knowing what to say.

His expression was so serious, just like he really didn’t know why she was angry.  His eyes looking at her were as deep as the sea and they were filled with deep emotions for her.

If she said he didn’t love her, his eyes clearly told him that he was filled with love for her!

“Tell me, what do you want me to do for you not to be angry, alright?”

He wanted to kiss her, but he was afraid of angering her.  His appearance made her want to get angry, but she also found it funny.

“Ning’er, do you think I offended you?  I really couldn’t hold it in, I just wanted to touch you…..If you’re not willing, I won’t think like this.”

Didn’t he not touch her?  Could it be just thinking was wrong?

Mo Chuan’s heart felt very wronged.

He was a man.  If he didn’t even think about hugging his beloved girl, was he still a man?

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