Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 831

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Chapter 831: Consider the play real

Chen Ning couldn’t help wanting to roll her eyes at him before taking in a long breath.

What kind of conservative man did she meet.

She clearly told him to do whatever he wanted, so why did he think that she wasn’t willing?

But the anger in her heart suddenly disappeared, not leaving a single trace.

She could see that Mo Chuan not continuing on was not because he didn’t want her and was throwing her away, he cared and respected her too much.  He was afraid that any unruly behaviour against her was an offense.

But they had already undergone their wedding ceremony, why was he stopping himself from touching her?

Did he treat this wedding as something fake?  Was he just playing along with her?

“Mo Chuan, tell me, what were you thinking when we bowed to the heaven and earth before?”  She suddenly looked at him serious.

“I…..”  Mo Chuan stopped and his face turned red.

“Quickly say it, you’re not allowed to lie.  I’ll be able to see your lies immediately.”

He could not escape and could only reply, “I was thinking that it would be great if this was real.”

“What this would be great if this was real?  Did you think that was just a game? It was fake?  You weren’t serious?” Her eyes popped open in surprise, wanting to be angry again.

“Of course I was serious, but you’re the one who treated it as a game.  However, no matter what, as long as you’re happy, I’ll play this game with you.  Ning’er, do you want me to treat this lie as the truth? I had thought like that before.  I really wanted to take you into the nuptial chambers, I wanted to share a bed with you, I wanted to grow old with you.  I want to…..be real husband and wife with you.”

His face turned red again.  His voice was low, but each word was clearly said, stunning her when she heard it.

He continued after pausing, “But it isn’t now.  I want to give you a majestic ceremony, I want you to become my wife in front of everyone.  I want you to appear in front of everyone, I don’t want to wrong you like this. Ning’er, it isn’t that I don’t want you, I want you too much, so I don’t want to wrong you at all!  Do you hate me or are you angry? If you’re not willing to forgive me, I can swear that before we really go to our nuptial chambers, I will not lay a single finger on you. I…..I can withstand it!”

Mo Chuan looked at her with a solemn expression, looking very serious.  His expression could not be anymore serious.

He never easily made vows.  Even if not hugging or kissing her was the worst kind of torture for him, he was willing to endure for her.

When Chen Ning heard this, her heart was swept away by her emotions, making her unable to stop her eyes from becoming wet.

She wasn’t angry this time, rather she was touched by his vow which made her begin to cry.

She blinked as she said in a low voice, “Mo Chuan, you really are a cute fool!”

She threw herself into his embrace and tightly held his neck, taking the initiative to kiss his lips.

Mo Chuan froze like his acupuncture point was poked.  He could taste the soft fragrance of her lips, but he didn’t dare react.  He was afraid that he couldn’t control himself and would do something else that would anger her.

He even did not dare hug her.

He had just vowed to never touch her, but she took the initiative to touch him.  What was going on?

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