Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 827

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Chapter 827: Husband and wife hair knot

Mo Chuan closed his eyes in satisfaction.

Chen Ning waited for a long time, only receiving a faint touch on her lip before nothing else came.

When she heard Mo Chuan’s faint breathing, she finally slowly opened her eyes which popped open in disbelief.

He’s asleep?  He’s actually sleeping like this?

Didn’t he say that he would bring her to the nuptial chambers?  Was the nuptial chambers he mentioned just sleeping?

For a while, Chen Ning didn’t know if she should feel angry or find this funny.

She wanted to shake him awake and ask him clearly what this was about, but before her hand touched his shoulder, it already came back.  

Seeing his peaceful sleep, she couldn’t bear to wake him.

But she couldn’t sleep.  She leaned held her chin and her hair draped down as she watched him without turning.

She had never looked at him from this range before.  The more she looked at him, the more she felt he looked handsome, even looking good when sleeping.

His hair was black and rich.  She held a lock in her palm and suddenly thought a story.  The so called husband and wife hair knot, naturally they needed to tie hair knots.

That’s right!

She immediately was excited.  She took a lock of his hair and took a lock of her hair, which she tied together, but their hair was too smooth and once she let go, the knot she made immediately broke.

She did give up.  She grabbed his hair to make another knot, but it broke again.

She tried several times without succeeding and she was a bit discouraged.  She paused for a second and slapped her forehead. She really was dumb!

The husband and wife hair knot was tying the hair of the two people together with a red string, how was it the knot she was trying to tie?

Understanding this, she began to look all around for a red string, but she was sitting on the bed, so where would she find one?

She suddenly thought about it, there must be a needle and thread here and there must be some red thread.  As long as she got off the bed to look, she could definitely find it.

But Mo Chuan was sleeping beside her and she didn’t want to wake him.  She carefully pulled aside the blankets and moved bit by bit to the edge of the bed.  She moved her feet over and took a breath as she prepared to get off the bed, but suddenly a large hand grabbed her ankle.

“This girl, you’re not sleeping, what do you want to do?”  Mo Chuan pulled and she fell onto him.

His chest strong and warm, as well as being very elastic.  It didn’t hurt her at all.

“I…..I wanted to get off the bed to find some red string and tie our hairs together.”  She looked up from his chest, blinking her eyes in innocence as she looked at him, but she suddenly realized something.

“Ah!  So you weren’t sleeping!  You were pretending to sleep to trick me!”

Mo Chuan’s face couldn’t help turning red.

Could he do anything but pretend to sleep?  Could it be he really needed to bring her to the nuptial chambers?

But she kept lying beside him without sleeping, looking at him without blinking at all.  Although his eyes were closed, his face almost turned red from being stared at by her.

She finally stopped looking at him, but she began to play with his hair.

He pretended to sleep while listening to her shake her head and sigh.  She kept grabbing his hair without letting go. It was unknown what she was doing, but it almost made him move.

She finally stopped, but she actually wanted to get off the bed.  Mo Chuan finally couldn’t pretend any longer.

He finally found her with great difficulty, how could he let her leave!

He tightly held her with both hands, using a lot of strength.  His deep, black eyes looked right into her eyes.

“Not allowed to leave!  You’re never allowed to leave my side!”

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