Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 826

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Chapter 826: He couldn’t ask for anything else

But she couldn’t dare say that.

Because she had read in a book before that women shouldn’t be too active and forward.  She had to be weaker and more hesitant, making the man feel more pity for her.

This is bad!

Wasn’t her appearance too passionate and too active?  No wonder Mo Chuan’s face had been strange, suddenly clouding over!

She blinked and suddenly realized her mistake.

But to have her act shy and weak, she didn’t know how!

What should she do?

Hearing her say she didn’t know, Mo Chuan was finally satisfied.

He was afraid that she would say she knew!

If she really knew, he simply did not know what he should do after this.

Since she didn’t know, it was much easier.

“Then, we’ll go to the nuptial chambers now!”  Mo Chuan gave a low laugh.

His handsome face had a faint blush and his deep, dark eyes had a large attraction that caught her gaze, making her not bear to blink.

“Close your eyes.”  He ordered.

His face had turned slightly red from being stared at by her passionate eyes.  This girl looking at him almost made his heart jump out.

If she kept staring at him, he would not dare continue.

Chen Ning’s long lashes fluttered before she obediently closed her eyes.

Her heart was beating fast, but it also held a slight expectation and a strange nervousness.  Her palm was covered in sweat and her body was tense.

Because she couldn’t see with her closed eyes, all her other senses had been heightened.

She felt him moving away and couldn’t help asking, “Where are you going?”

Mo Chuan’s reply was a bit hoarse, “I’m blowing out the candle.”

The two candles were just too bright.  There were some things that he was too embarrassed to do under the glow of the light.

“You can’t blow them out, those are the candles of the nuptial chambers.  They have to burn until daybreak, it means that the couple’s love can last until they become old.  If the candles are blown out, the couple will not reach the end.”

Her clear and logical words made his body turn stiff.

How could this girl know everything!

He turned and put down the curtains.  The cloth of the curtains blocked the candle light and light was dimmed by a bit.

Mo Chuan took a deep breath.  When his heart wasn’t beating that fast, he dared look at her lying down beside him.

Her hair was black like it was dyed with ink and it was draped over the red pillow.  Her eyes were closed and her cheeks had a drunken blush, causing his calm heart to fill with waves once again.

He slowly laid down beside her and was even with her head.  He pulled the blanket over them and turned over, placing a soft as water kiss on her lips.

“Alright, we’re sleeping.”

He breathed in the faint sweet fragrance from her body, causing his heart to be filled with distractions.  It took a lot of effort to control himself, stopping himself to reach out and hold her.

His hands were placed on both sides of his body, not moving at all.  He did not even touch the hem of her clothes.

This was because he didn’t dare.  He was afraid that if he did touch it, he wouldn’t be able to differentiate where he should and shouldn’t touch in his chaos.

Being able to lay in the same bed as her and share the pillows, sleeping together, it was already a dream he didn’t dare think of.

If there was more, he wouldn’t even dare think of it!

If he were to open his eyes, he would see that face prettier than a blooming begonia in front of him.  He was this close to her, being able to even hear her breathing, he would certainly have good dreams tonight.

He already had nothing else he wanted!

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