Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 825

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Chapter 825: Let’s go to the nuptial chamber

Who would have thought that these words would be like poking a hornet’s nest.

Mo Chuan’s chin became tense as the vein on his forehead popped out.

“Very interesting things?  Like?  Tell me about them.”

His eyes were very gentle, looking right at her.

What would be the more interesting thing that could happen in the nuptial chambers?

She wouldn’t be telling him how to do it, right?

As long as she said a single word, he wouldn’t mind showing her how powerful he was!

“For example, for example…..”  She turned her eyes and racked her brain for some interesting story, but the more nervous she was, the more she couldn’t think of anything.

Especially with how close Mo Chuan was to her.  Although his body was not pressed down on her, his deep, black eyes were flashing with a dancing flame that had a high potential to burn.  As long as she gave him a small signal, it would instantly ignite into a large blaze between them.

Her throat was dry and she began to sweat.  She wanted to avoid his aggressive eyes, but couldn’t bear to do so.

She liked his eyes focused on her.  Those affectionate and deep eyes made her heart melt.  She began to feel herself becoming drunk. The bit of wine she drank was making her drunk, making everything seem fuzzy, like it wasn’t real.

“Mo Chuan, I…..I…..”  She looked at Mo Chuan over her.  His hands were on both side of her and the candle’s light cast his shadow over her.

She could clearly see the micro expressions on his face.  His dark brows, his long and dense lashes, and his eyes that were like bottomless pools made her swallow everything she wanted to say.

“What do you want to say, un?”  He looked at her with dark eyes.

She was truly beautiful now.  Lying on the red sheets, her snow white skin was dyed with a red blush, her eyes were drunk, but sparkling like stars, and her red lips were like lush fruit pulling him in.

He wanted to swallow her in one bite…..

“Let’s……Let’s go to the nuptial chambers!” Her heart suddenly flipped as she closed her eyes and blurted this out.

She finally said it!

If they kept staring at each other like this, she felt like her heart would jump out.  Since they had already gone through with the wedding ceremony, she already decided to completely give herself to him.

It would happen sooner or later, so let it happen sooner.


Mo Chuan couldn’t take it and took a spit take.

His hand turned soft and his body fell onto her.  Her pressed chest filled with a numb pain.

“Mo Chuan, you…..you’re hurting me!”  She knit her brows.

His chest was too broad, she almost spat out blood from being squashed.

Mo Chuan took a deep breath before moving off her body.  His face was completely red and even his voice was a bit hoarse.

“Do, do you even know what are the nuptial chambers?”  He stared at her.

This was simply an enchantress who wore people down!

Can she not be this forward?

Does she really know what the nuptial chambers are?

He couldn’t understand how he loved a person like her!

“Of course…..I don’t know.”  She shrank back under his fierce gaze.

It would be weird if she didn’t!

She was not like there ancient people who were lacking in this kind of topic, where the pitiful bit of knowledge they knew all came from their mothers.

Although she had no experience, she had read books before!

There were many informative books on this topic in the modern era, so she knew everything!

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