Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 824

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Chapter 824: Quickly give birth to a child

Mo Chuan suddenly became more relaxed, no longer feeling restrained or nervous.

Actually there wasn’t anything to worry about because he could see that she had a childlike heart.  She felt this wedding ceremony seemed fun, so she pulled him into playing this game.

But this was a game and it wasn’t real.  He felt that his nervous appearance before where his heart was about to jump out was very funny.

Only a fool like him would believe every word she said.

But even knowing that she just wanted to play, he would also take every step seriously.  He couldn’t disappoint her, he wanted to smile happily.

His change was just too fast, it was like he was a completely different person.

Even with Chen Ning’s expert level in reading micro expressions, she still couldn’t tell why Mo Chuan suddenly became like this.

She held her cup of wine and was in deep thought when Mo Chuan suddenly said, “If you don’t like drinking wine in this manner, there is another method of drinking wine.”

“What method?”

When she asked this, he took her cup of wine.  He drank the entire cup in one mouthful before lowering his head, placing his lips on her lips.

He held her face in his hands, making her unable to avoid him or move back.  He only let go after she swallowed the wine.

“After we finishing crossing cups, what’s next?”  After he let her go, his deep, black eyes stared at her, with a faint flame burning deep in them.

Her face was as red as dawn.  Although it was a small cup of wine, the colour of being drunk dyed her face, even making her mind feel drunk.

This Mo Chuan, he always liked this method.

But she liked it too!

“Next is…..Next is…..Of course it’s the nuptial chambers!”  Her face was red as she deliberately said this.

She wanted to see his nervous and shy appearance.

“Nuptial chambers?  Alright!”

Mo Chuan immediately picked her up and moved towards the wooden bed with red blankets without any hesitation.

Her heart began to beat fast as she never thought that he would be this bold and forward.  Why wasn’t his face turning red with shyness? Could it be that when men reached this period, they would all turn into beasts?

She suddenly felt a bit afraid and shy.  She couldn’t help beginning to feel nervous.

He put her flat onto the wedding bed.  She suddenly knit her brows and softly cried, “It hurts.”

There was indeed something poking her back.  He immediately lifted her up and pulled aside the red blankets.  He found that there was a layer of red dates, peanuts, chestnuts, dried longan, and other things on the bed, no wonder it caused her pain.

“Why are these things on the bed?  Did that aunty want to hurt us?” Mo Chuan said in a curious voice.

“Of course not!”  Chen Ning couldn’t help rolling her eyes at him, “You don’t even know about this?  You put these under the bed during the wedding ceremony, it’s for good luck.”

“What kind of luck?”  Mo Chuan asked.

He indeed did not understand.  These were the marriage customs of the common folk, he spent all day on state affairs, so naturally he didn’t know these small matters.

“It’s to quickly give birth to a child!”  She gave a soft laugh.

He immediately understood and his handsome face couldn’t help turning red.

“Why do you know this much!”

When he said this, his large hand swept all the dried food onto the ground, not leaving a single one.  Then he carefully placed her onto the bed.

“I still know many more interesting things, do you want to listen?”

She laid on the bed and was a bit nervous about what would happen next.  She deliberately wanted to find some things to talk about to shift his attention.

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