Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 823

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Chapter 823: Letting her play

She really didn’t have anything to feel shy about.

The scene of a wedding ceremony and wedding chambers, she had seen it countless times in the modern world.  Moreover, this was her first time wearing an ancient wedding dress, so she was feeling very excited, like a kid on a picnic.

But the more natural she was, the more annoyed Mo Chuan was.

He was nervous and unsure of what to do, but she acted like nothing happened.  How could she be this calm?

Suddenly he thought of it, this already wasn’t her first time being married.  When she and Chu Shao Yang were married, did they cross cups just like this?

No wonder she seemed like she knew everything.

He strangely began to fill with jealousy!

“Yi, did I say something wrong?  If you don’t like to drink, you don’t have to drink.  You don’t have to look at me with that stern face!” Chen Ning was feeling more and more strange.

Although Mo Chuan’s face did not have any expressions, but she could see that he was angry!

Earlier he was filled with spring breezes, but it suddenly began to rain with the blink of an eye.

Mo Chuan took a deep breath and controlled the jealousy in his chest.  He tightly closed his lips, not daring to speak. He was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from asking.

“Alright, alright, no need to be angry, I knew you didn’t want to marry me.  That marriage was just letting me play, it wasn’t true in the first place…..”

Before she even finished speaking, she saw him suddenly stand up.  He grabbed her wrist and pressed her against the wall.

His head came right down and his burning eyes were right up against her, causing his burning breath to fall onto her face.

“Not true?  Letting you play?  What do you mean? You’re not serious at all, right?  You’re just playing a joke on me, right?”

His teeth creaked from gritting and he looked like he was about to eat her up.

Although that ceremony only had four people present, he had treated it very seriously.  He had treated the ceremony as very important and true, but she was joking about it and saying he was just letting her play.  She was the one who didn’t take it seriously!

Thinking of her words just now, she was just playing.  He was a man, how could he accept this!

“Mo Chuan, when did I say that I wasn’t serious, I was just playing a joke?  You don’t want to marry me and why are you so fierce with me? Is it because we’ve already bowed to the heavens and earth, so I belong to you and you can treat me as fiercely as you want?”

She bit her lips and looked at him with big innocent eyes.  Seeing his instantly made the anger in his heart unknowingly soften.

He found that his manner had been too aggressive, he had never said such sharp words to her before.

But he was angered by her!

“Ning’er, I didn’t want to be aggressive with you.  I…..I will never be aggressive with you, never.” He softened his voice and released his hands, stroking her soft black hair.

Good, since she liked playing this game, he would play with her.  He could only let her be happy.

He suddenly no longer felt conflicted, unwilling, and jealous.

“You want to cross cups?  Then let’s drink.”

He moved back in front of the table and picked up the cups.  He gave one to her, crossed his arm around hers and drank the cup of wine.

“I’ve already drank it, you’re not drinking?”  He smiled as he showed her his empty cup.

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