Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 819

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Chapter 819: Red billed green parrot

Although it was said to be a simple meal, the old man and his wife made it very rich.  They killed a chicken they raised in their yard to cook a large pot of chicken soup, which was very fragrant.

There were also several little farmer dishes.  It was very colourful and looked pleasing to the eye, raising one’s appetite.

Mo Chuan raised his chopsticks and stared at a dish as he asked, “Aunty, what dish in this?  I have never seen this before.”

He had lived a sheltered life in the royal palace, eating countless delicacies of the world, but he was surprised by the dishes on a normal farmer’s table.

The old uncle and his wife were stunned.  When they were about to reply, Chen Ning spoke first, “You don’t recognize this dish?  This dish has a very good name.”

“What good name?”  Mo Chuan looked over at her.

She replied in a serious manner, “This dish is called golden lined white jade board, red billed green parrot.”

Mo Chuan repeated, “Golden lined white jade board, red billed green parrot?”

This name was special enough and it sounded good.  Moreover, the more he looked at it, the more it seemed like a jade plate with golden lining on all four sides, with the center being snow white like jade.  Was this the golden lined white jade board?

As for the red billed green parrot, it was a vegetable dish.  The red stems matched with the green leaves made it look like a green parrot with its red mouth open.

“Good name, good name!  The taste must be pretty good as well.”  Mo Chuan praised.

The wife gave an “aiyo” before she broke out in laughter.

“What white jade plate, green parrot, this little miss is truly interesting.  This dish is incredibly ordinary, it’s just spinach with tofu, have you two never had this before?”  She looked at Mo Chuan with a strange gaze.

Spinach with tofu!

Mo Chuan’s face instantly turned red and he glared at Chen Ning.

She was becoming braver and braver!

She actually played a trick on him, making him look the fool in front of these two old people.  He would see how he got back at her.

Chen Ning bent over with laughter, unable to sit straight.

She had read this joke in a book before.  It was about a disguised emperor who went to a farmer’s house while it was raining and ate a meal.  There was this spinach with tofu dish that the emperor did not recognize, but felt was delicious. When he asked the farmer the name of the dish, the farmer gave the name “Golden lined white jade board, red billed green parrot”.

When the emperor returned to the palace, he could never forget this dish.  He ordered the royal chef to make this dish, but the royal chef had never heard of it before, causing his hair to turn white with anxiety.  They finally found the farmer with great difficulty, inviting the farmer into the palace to make the meal.

The emperor saw the dish was exactly the same and was filled with joy.  However, once he took a bit, he revealed a look of disappointment and did not take another bite.

This was because this dish was incredibly normal.  He didn’t know that because he was hungry, he treated this farmer’s dish as the most delicious dish in the world.

Chen Ning thought this was always an allegorical joke, but she never thought that something like this would actually appear in front of her.

Thinking of Mo Chuan’s honest expression, she kept laughing until her stomach hurt.

Mo Chaun’s face turned red from her laughter and the chopsticks he lifted could not go down no matter what.  His face turned stern and he gave a heavy cough. His left hand stretched out under the table and forcefully pinched her wrist.

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