Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 818

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Chapter 818: Husband and wife and lovers

The old man smiled as he walked out the door, closing it behind him for the two of them.

There were only the two of them left in the room, looking at each other, both unable to stop themselves from laughing.

“That old man really has sharp eyes, he could tell we’re not husband and wife with a single glance.  I am very curious, why did he say that we are lovers and not husband and wife?”

Mo Chuan asked in a confused voice.  He wasn’t hoping she had the answer, he just blurted out the questions he had in his heart.

Chen Ning smiled and said, “The old man has age and rich experience, of course he can see through it.  Husband and wife and lovers are completely different.”

“What’s different?  Ning’er, do you know?  How about you tell me then?”

Her face was a bit red as she looked at him with a shy look, “I also don’t know.”

Actually she naturally knew.

Lovers were different husband and wife because after they were married, the two would have a deep feeling between them and the way they looked at each other would have a meaning in it.  Although they were deeply connected, their future may bring complicated feelings like disappointment, worry, and joy.

It could only be felt and couldn’t be described, so she could only mention it and could not explain it to Mo Chuan.

“Ning’er, can you guess why I brought you here?”  Mo Chuan took a step forward and held her hand as he spoke while looking at her.

She smiled and said, “Let me guess.  I think it’s because you ate too much meat in the imperial palace and hurt your stomach, so you came out to eat the poor meals the citizens eat, right?”

She was very happy, she couldn’t help making a joke about him.

“You…..This girl, you actually dare make fun of this one!  Are you not afraid this one will order your head to be chopped off?”  Mo Chuan found it funny deep down, but he revealed a look pretend anger.  His face became stern as he reached out to grab her.

“Aiyo, I wouldn’t dare make fun of the emperor.  Emperor, please spare me, I won’t dare anymore.” She was laughing as she dived under his arm.

“You can escape the death penalty, but you can’t escape your punishment!  This one will hit your butt!”

His hand came back and he had already grabbed her waist.  He carried her over to the bed and raised his hand, preparing to slap.

“Alright, go ahead!”  Her clear laugh rang out without a trace of fear.

“How could I bear to?  Ning’er, you don’t know how much I’ve missed you!”

He leaned over and used his lips to seal her laughter, giving her a deep kiss.  He passed on all his thoughts and love through this kiss.

She raised her hands and held his neck.

The two of them kissed, deeply immersing themselves in the joy and excitement of their reunion, forgetting everything.

In the yard, the old man and his wife were currently killing and defeathering a chicken.  Hearing the two of them laughing and and talking in the room, they couldn’t help revealing smiles on their faces.

They thought of when they were young, they were just like these little lovers, unable to stop exchanging words of love between them.

But they never thought these little lovers would be this bold, daring to pretend to be the emperor.  Ze, ze, the newer generation would surpass the older generation. They were old, they couldn’t be as bold as these young people.

Listening to them, the room suddenly stopped making any sounds.

The old man and his wife felt it was strange, looking at each other.

The wrinkled face of the wife suddenly revealed an embarrassed smiled and the old man also understood.

The wife lowered her head to pluck the chicken feathers, but her face had a smile on it.  Suddenly she thought of something and whispered it into the old man’s ears, which the old man nodded to.

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