Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 820

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Chapter 820: Red wedding clothes

Chen Ning gave an “aiyo” sound and raised her hand, but she didn’t notice that the wife was currently placing a bowl of soup in front of her.

When she raised her hand, the wife couldn’t hold the bowl, spilling the soup all over  her dress.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, it’s all this old lady’s clumsiness that ruined the little miss’ clothes.  I’ll help you dry them.”

The wife quickly apologized and raised a cloth to help dry her skirt.

“It’s fine, aunty, don’t worry.  This little bit of soup is nothing.”  Chen Ning smiled and stopped her. The wife still had a face of apology as her hand kept moving.

She unconsciously raised her elbow and knocked a bowl of soup out of the old man’s hands.  The soup spilled onto Mo Chuan’s clothes, instantly soaking them.

“How can an old lady like you be this clumsy!  You’ve ruined the clothes of our two guests.” The old man’s face turned stern.

The wife had a worried look.  She grabbed Chen Ning’s hand and said, “Little miss, don’t blame this old woman.  How about this, I still have some of my clothes from when I was younger, if you don’t mind, how about I bring some for you to change into?”

Chen Ning said with a smile, “Aunty, it’s really fine.”

The wife was very determined and pulled Chen Ning by the hand into her room.  She took two steps before turning back.

“Old man, don’t sit there in a daze.  Quickly take out the clothes you wore when you were young and give them to this little brother to change into.”

The old man agreed and then apologized to Mo Chaun.

Mo Chuan didn’t want to change clothes, but he loved being clean.  It was indeed uncomfortable to wear these greasy clothes, so he followed the old man into another room.

The old man searched through a chest before taking out clothes for Mo Chuan.

“Little brother, just wear this.  The other clothes have already been ruined by bugs, only this set is still intact.”

When Mo Chuan saw this, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

This was a long red robe that had an ancient style to it.  It looked like these clothes were decades old, but the colour was still bright.

He had never worn such bright clothes, so he looked over it for a while.

As the emperor, he wore those bright yellow emperor robes normally, but as a deeply introverted individual, he liked to wear black or dark coloured clothes.  Suddenly switching to these red clothes, he found it a bit hard to accept.

“Little brother, are you not willing to wear it because my clothes are old and dirty?”  When the old man saw him not changing, he revealed a slightly displeased expression.

“Of course not.”

Mo Chuan was thinking that Ning’er would laugh at him if he did put it on, but he was already used to being teased by her.

He took off his dirty clothes and changed into the large red robes.  Although it was a bit short, the waist still fit and he looked even more handsome with the bright red robe.

“Little brother, you seem even more handsome than when this old man wore this robe in the past!”

The old man gave an emotional sigh and led Mo Chuan out of the room.  Who would have known that Chen Ning would also come out of the other room changed at the same time.

She and Mo Chuan looked up and then they saw what the other person was wearing, they were both stunned before their faces both turned red.

This was because Chen Ning was also wearing a large red robe, but the sleeves and hem were embroidered with a fine flower pattern.  It looked like a wedding dress.

“Ha, ha, old man, look at them.  Don’t they look like us when we got married?”  The wife spoke with a wide smile.

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