Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 817

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Chapter 817: Lovers

Her words had a playful tone to it, making Mo Chuan happy and angry.

“Alright, we are willing to go to the old uncle’s house for dinner, we’re just afraid it’ll be too troublesome for the old uncle.”  Chen Ning nodded at the old man with a smile, readily agreeing.

“No trouble, no trouble.  The two of you being willing to come to my hut, you are guests I can’t even ask for.”

The old man picked up the empty buckets with a smile.  Walking in the dusk sunlight, he moved towards his home.

Mo Chuan held Chen Ning’s hand and followed behind her, enjoying the view of the farmland at dusk.

The old man’s home was a small farmhouse not far away.  A white haired old lady was currently feeding the chickens in the yard and when she saw the three of them enter the house, she couldn’t help being stunned.

“Old wife, quickly prepare some food and take care of these two guests.  This little brother is truly kind hearted, when he saw I couldn’t move the water anymore, he took the initiative to help me and even watered the entire field.  He worked from morning until now, he hasn’t even eaten anything since.”

When the wife heard this, she thanked Mo Chuan and Chen Ning.  She then entered the kitchen and lit the fire to cook the rice.

The old man led the two of them in and said with smile, “Little brother and little miss don’t need to restrain yourselves.  My house is tight, but the rooms are clean. If the two of you aren’t in a rush, you can stay for a night.”

Hearing this, Mo Chuan’s heart couldn’t help skipping a beat.  He looked at Chen Ning and waited for her thoughts.

Chen Ning said with a smile, “Many thanks old uncle.  I’ll stay with aunty tonight and I’ll….let my big brother stay with old uncle.”

She said the words “my big brother” and slightly turned to look at Mo Chuan.  Her flowing eyes made Mo Chuan’s heart beat fast.

The old man shook his head and said, “He, he, little miss, I can see that you two don’t seem like siblings.  Please allow me to ask a bit more, are you two lovers who are eloping?”

When Mo Chuan and Chen Ning heard this, their faces flushed.

That old man laughed as his eyes looking at them filled with kindness.

“Little brother and little miss don’t need to be shy, me and my old wife were young once.  In the past, her dad looked down on my poor family and wouldn’t let her marry me, so she secretly left with me.  After several decades, I’m already old and her hair is also white. She was with me for several decades of bitterness and ate several decades of poor meals, but we are still very happy.  Why do you have to rush? It doesn’t look like this little brother is that poor. This flower like little miss, what does your father reject him for?”

He could see that Mo Chuan and Chen Ning both had extraordinary appearances and their language was very different from that of rural people.  Although Chen Ning was wearing a normal girl’s robe, the skin that came out was like water on tofu, very rich and smooth. Mo Chuan also looked very handsome.  No matter how he looked at them, they seemed like heavenly pair.

So he had a very good impression of the two, wanting to help them get together.

Mo Chuan and Chen Ning looked at each other with a smile.  They were thinking in their hearts that they had no way of telling this old man their story.

When the old man saw neither of them speaking, he knew that they were shy and didn’t keep asking.  He said with a smile, “Me and my old wife both have bad ears, so unless you talk loudly, we can’t hear you at all.  If there is anything you two lovers want to keep secret, whisper it to each other, he, he.”

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  1. sacredmien says:

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    A bit apprehensive. For an Emperor can he really think of a way to keep both? Thank you!

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