Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 794

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Chapter 794: Caterpillar

She was afraid that once Na Mu Cuo reacted, he would choke Xiao Ru to death.

But, caterpillar…..

She couldn’t help looking at Na Mu Cuo’s eyebrows and found that they looked like two moving caterpillars.  Even she could not help admiring Xiao Ru’s eyes, she really had a rich imagination.

She tried hard not to let herself laugh, otherwise she would be adding oil into Na Mu Cuo’s fire.

Na Mu Cuo was panting in anger and he turned to Chen Ning to say, “Ah Ning, I never thought that a smart person like you would have a maid that was as dumb as a boar!  She…..She simply has a head made of wood, no! She’s simply a boar head! She’s even dumber than a pig!”

He was panting like a bull. If it wasn’t for giving Chen Ning face, he would have grabbed that girl to ask clearly what she meant.

How could his eyebrows not be worthy of her eyes.

Xiao Ru hated others calling her dumb the most.  She did not know Na Mu Cuo’s identity, but hearing him call her dumb and idiotic again and again, she was so angry that tears almost came out again.

“Young miss, don’t block me!  I want to tear off this hateful man’s mouth!  Ah, he’s too despicable!! I have never met a more despicable person in my life!”  She charged at Na Mu Cuo, but Chen Ning pulled her back.

“Xiao Ru, you can’t be rude to his highness.”

“What, he is the Crown Prince?  He is that East Qin Crown Prince?  The Crown Prince the young miss is marrying?”  Xiao Ru was stunned.

“That’s right, it’s him.”  Chen Ning nodded.

Na Mu Cuo saw Xiao Ru’s stunned expression and gave a snort.

“Stinky girl, your young miss is my princess, so this prince will also be your master from now on.  If you dare disrespect your master, how do you think this prince should punish you?” He forcefully stared at Xiao Ru and his two dark brows sunk low.

Xiao Ru just stood there blinking, with tears almost falling down.

“Young miss, how can you stand marrying him?  He has two caterpillars on his face and he is so mean and ugly.  This servant does not like him, this servant hates! Young miss, is this fellow forcing you to marry him?  Is that right? He’s truly bad, truly bad. I…..I’ll beat him to death!”

Her thoughts were very simple and there was only one thought in her head.  She clenched her teeth and raised her fist as she began to attack Na Mu Cuo.

Her actions almost made it so Chen Ning couldn’t hold her.

With a “dong” sound.

Xiao Ru’s head slammed into Na Mu Cuo’s chest.  She felt her head become dizzy like she had slammed into a wall of iron.  There were stars around floating around her and she began to sway before falling onto her butt.

“Little girl, this is a bit of punishment for you.  Next time you dare disrespect this prince, I will marry you to a boar!”  Na Mu Cuo grinned at Xiao Ru, revealing his snow white teeth that sparkled like the fangs of a beast.

He immediately strode out as soon as he said this.  He was afraid that if he stayed here any longer, he would be angered to death by this girl that was dumber than a pig.

Of course, he still wanted to go find a mirror.  He wanted to look over his eyebrows, were they really like caterpillars?

“Xiao Ru, are you alright?”  Chen Ning couldn’t help smiling as she helped Xiao Ru up and she helped her dust off her skirt.

Na Mu Cuo letting Xiao Ru off like this actually surpassed her expectations.

With her understanding of Na Mu Cuo, he was proud and arrogant, not letting anyone say a single bad thing about him.  Xiao Ru actually daring to make fun of his eyebrows was equal to pulling the hairs of a tiger’s butt!

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