Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 793

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Chapter 793: Look really strange

Xiao Ru looked up at her in a daze with tearful eyes, like she couldn’t recognize her.

She opened her mouth and revealed a look of disbelief.

“Young miss!  You can’t! How can you marry to East Qin?  This servant heard that the East Qin people are like undeveloped beasts!  They eat raw meat and drink blood, as well as wearing the fur they have just peeled from animals, which are still bloody.  Uh, truly disgusting! Also…..Also…..This servant also heard that the East Qin people all look very ugly. The men all look like wild boars with two long fangs in their mouth!  Their Crown Prince must certainly be incredibly ugly! Young miss, you definitely can’t marry them! Any of our West Chu men are a hundred times better than the East Qin men! Young miss, you mustn’t be muddle minded, you can’t treat all our West Chu men as bad people just because you met a bad man like Chu Shao Yang……”

She said a large bunch of words that was fast and anxious, making Chen Ning unable to stop her even if she wanted to.

“Xiao Ru, you can’t speak nonsense!”  Chen Ning cut her off as she looked at Na Mu Cuo from the corner of her eyes.  As expected, Na Mu Cuo’s face was as black as a pot.

Na Mu Cuo’s heart was filled with anger.

Heard, heard, heard!

This dumb girl kept saying that she heard this and heard that!  Just where did she hear all of this bullshit!

How were their East Qin people all undeveloped beasts?  How were they all uglier than wild boars? He as the Crown Prince was incredibly ugly?

Na Mu Cuo was getting more and more angry, and his chest began to become stuffed.  He suddenly took a step forward and grabbed Xiao Ru, fiercely glaring at her.

“Dumb girl, open your eyes wide, do I look ugly?”

Xiao Ru was stunned and looked at Na Mu Cuo in a daze.  She blinked as she properly looked at him for the first time.

His hair was black and dense and his eyebrows were thick and long, just like a pair of furry brushes over his eyes.  They were jumping up and down from his anger and looked like two live caterpillars.

She tilted her head and blinked her eyes.  They seemed more like it the longer she stared.

Na Mu Cuo was finally satisfied.  This little girl was not as dumb as he thought, at least she was stunned when she saw his handsome face, meaning that she still had a bit of good taste.

“Ha, ha, you look…..Why do you look so strange!”  Xiao Ru looked at him and actually broke out in laughter.


Na Mu Cuo knit his brows.  He could not understand how he looked strange, should she be using the word handsome to describe him?

“Young miss, look at his interesting face.  It looks like there are two caterpillars above his eyes and they seem to be moving!  Ha, ha, this is too interesting! This servant has lived this long and has never seen a caterpillar appear on a person’s face before…..”

She giggled just like a little bird, pointing at Na Mu Cuo’s eyebrows and being filled with joy.


Na Mu Cuo’s face turned green.

He had lived for over twenty years and this was the first time someone made fun of his eyebrows!


How did this girl even think of that!

How could he not know that his eyebrows looked like caterpillars!

“Alright, alright, Xiao Ru, come over here.  I still have things to discuss with you. Your highness, if you have nothing else, please leave first.  I still have some things to discuss with my maid.”

Chen Ning saw that the situation was bad, so she went forward to save Xiao Ru from Na Mu Cuo’s hands and hid her behind herself.

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