Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 795

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Chapter 795: Never allowed to speak

“This servant is fine.”

Xiao Ru had a tearful face and tears kept falling from her eyes.

Her head, neck, and butt all hurt!  All of this was caused by that fierce looking caterpillar face!

Ah, she hated caterpillars!

“Young miss, please listen to this servant’s advice, you mustn’t marry him…..”  When she thought about the words Na Mu Cuo said when he left, she couldn’t help shivering as the tears came out again.

“Wu, wu, he’s too bad.  He said he would marry this servant to a boar…..Wu, wu, wu…..Young miss, if you really become his princess, this servant won’t be able to survive in the future……”

She cried in a broken hearted manner.

Chen Ning was angry and also found this funny.  She rubbed her forehead and began to think if bringing Xiao Ru here was a mistake.

This girl and Na Mu Cuo were like fire and water, she would bring more headache in the future.

“Alright, alright, don’t cry.  If you don’t like Na Mu Cuo, you can stay in the capital city and I’ll ask the Eldest Princess to take care of you.  The Eldest Princess is a very good person, she will not cause you any harm if you follow her…..”

Before she even finished, Xiao Ru cut her off in an agitated manner.

“Young miss, what are you saying!  Do you no longer want this servant?  This servant has already said, I was born the young miss’ person and I’ll be a ghost for the young miss when I die.  No matter where you go, Xiao Ru will follow you! If you marry the East Qin Crown Princess and if you go to that trash place where they eat raw meat and drink blood, this servant will follow you and will never leave you!  Young miss, you shouldn’t think of throwing this servant away!”

Chen Ning was moved and wanted to smile.  She tapped Xiao Ru’s forehead, wondering who she heard all these strange things from.

“Xiao Ru, listen to me.  Although East Qin is not as prosperous as West Chu, they do not eat raw meat and drink blood.  The clothes they wear are not bloody pelts. Look at my clothes, see this beautifully woven pattern?  Also the roasted meat they make is very delicious, don’t you love eating meat? When it’s morning, I’ll have them prepare a portion of roasted meat for you and let you eat your fill.”

Xiao Ru’s face did not reveal a trace of happiness, she said in an uninterested voice, “This servant does not care about any meat, this servant only cares about the young miss!  Do you really like that caterpillar? This servant knows that the person the young miss likes is not him. The person you want to marry is not him, but rather the emp…..”

Chen Ning put a finger over her lips and looked at her with a gaze filled with warning.

“You’re not allowed to speak.  Xiao Ru, you’re never allowed to say that word!”

Xiao Ru blinked and forcefully nodded, “This servant will not say it, but even if this servant does not say it, can the young miss truly forget him?  He has already grown in the young miss’ heart. You clearly love him, but you’re going against your heart to marry someone else. This servant…..This servant is worried about the young miss’ heartache!”

Chen Ning stroked her hair and softly said, “Xiao Ru, you’re still young, there are some things you don’t understand.  I already have no control.”

“This servant indeed does not understand.  You say that I am still young, but will this servant understand when I grow up?  This servant does not understand, you can marry if you want and you can not if you don’t want to.  Could it be the East Qin Crown Prince is placing a blade on your neck and forcing you to marry him?”  Xiao Ru said in a straightforward manner.

Chen Ning smiled as she pulled her down to sit.  She said in a calm voice, “He’s not forcing me to marry him, I am willingly marrying him.”

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