Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 792

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Chapter 792: An idiot

Xiao Ru looked up from Chen Ning’s embrace with tears dripping down.  Her face was already swelling from crying.

“I’m fine, am I not standing here perfectly fine now?  I’m not even missing a single hair.” Chen Ning looked down with a smile, helping Xiao Ru wipe her tears.

She did not want Xiao Ru to worry, so she didn’t say a single word about what Chu Shao Yang did.

“Young miss, you…..Are you really my young miss?  Why are you wearing this? Where did those clothes come from, they’re truly ugly!  So ugly! Young miss, take them off quickly. Wearing such ugly clothes, it doesn’t seem like you!”

Xiao Ru’s mouth did not stop.  After finding that Chen Ning was safe, her attention immediately went to the things she was wearing.

She looked over the beautiful dress and her little mouth curled, revealing a look of disgust.

Na Mu Cuo’s face turned black.

Ugly?  Hard to look at?

Was this girl’s eyes not wide open!

He was angry and annoyed.  He grab the back of Xiao Ru’s collar and picked her up like an eagle picking up a little chick.  His eyes were wide open and he looked like he was about to eat her up.

“Stinky girl, you really are bold!  You actually dare call our East Qin Country’s clothes ugly!  Do you believe I won’t cut off your head!”

Xiao Ru struggled in the air, kicking her two legs.  Her face was completely red and she couldn’t breath.

“Na Mu Cuo, let her go!  A grown man like you is bullying a little girl, don’t you feel embarrassed?”  Chen Ning shouted.

“……”  Na Mu Cuo was stunned and he realized that he shouldn’t make it hard for this little girl who was in her early teens.  He put Xiao Ru down and crossed his arms, giving a cold laugh.

“Who told this little girl to speak nonsense.  I gave you my East Qin Country’s most beautiful clothes, she actually called them ugly!  This girl is simply blind! Ah Ning, this dumb little girl is the one you wanted to see? The one you wholeheartedly wanted to see was this idiot?”

Chen Ning did not say anything before Xiao Ru went crazy with anger.

Her face was even redder than red satin as she screamed, “You’re an idiot!  You’re an idiot! You…..You are a big baddie!”

She tightened her fist and began to slam them down onto Na Mu Cuo.

Na Mu Cuo stood motionlessly like a mountain.  Her little fists were like drops of rain falling onto his straight chest, not even having enough strength to make him feel an itch.

He smiled as he looked down at Xiao Ru, “Dumb girl, using this bit of strength, are you trying to make it itch for me?”

“Ah!  Bad person!  You are too despicable!”  Xiao Ru’s lungs almost exploded with anger.

She looked up and glared at Na Mu Cuo.  She never thought that this man would be this despicable!

She found that the other side was an entire head taller than her and was like an iron tower.  She was small and petite and standing in front of the tall Na Mu Cuo, she was like a bean sprout, small and thin.

“Xiao Ru, come over.”  Chen Ning glared at Na Mu Cuo, “Your highness, is it fun bullying my maid?”

She came over and pulled Xiao Ru away.

But Xiao Ru was already so angry that she burst into tears and threw herself into Chen Ning’s embrace.  She said in a sobbing voice, “Young miss, is this servant really stupid? Is it because this servant is stupid that you don’t want this servant anymore?  This servant heard that the young miss is going to be married off to East Qin, is that true? This servant also heard that you would be married to the East Qin Crown Prince to become his princess, is that true?”

Chen Ning stroked her hair and said in a gentle voice, “Xiao Ru, it’s true.”

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