Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 791

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Chapter 791: Under the wing

He looked at Chen Ning and was stunned for a bit before revealing a look of hesitation, “But what I cannot understand is why their target tonight was not my, but rather you!  Was it to create hostility with me, did I implicate you? But what I cannot understand now is who sent these people and why they wanted to kill me! I only hoped to keep one or two alive, but unfortunately it wasn’t like this.”

He suddenly pressed down on her shoulder and firmly said, “Ning’er, don’t worry.  No matter how strong the people sent by the Purple Heaven Pavilion are, you don’t need to worry because I will protect you!  As long as I, Na Mu Cuo am here, I definitely will not allow anyone to hurt you!”

“So?  Your highness’ meaning is that as long as I leave your side, I will be in danger of losing my life at any moment, right?  In order to live in this world, I need to remain under the protection of your wings, right?” She revealed a faint taunting smile.

What Purple Heaven Pavilion, what mysterious assassination organization of the Jianghu, she had never heard of them before!

She could not imagine that she who didn’t know martial arts and didn’t make any unforgivable grudges with anyone, how could she possibly be targeted by this group of assassins?

The only explanation for this was that this was a play set up by Na Mu Cuo or she was to be a scapegoat for Na Mu Cuo!

Na Mu Cuo’s eyes turned cold and his hands on her shoulders began to tremble, as his expression became a bit ugly.

“Ah Ning, are you doubting this prince?  You think that this is something this prince made up to trick you?  These assassins were deliberately prepared by this prince?” He asked in an angry voice.  

“I didn’t think anything like this, your highness is thinking too much.  Life and death depends on destiny, I don’t care if they wanted to kill you or me, I just hope your highness can do what you promised me.”

She did not pursue the matter.  Even if the Jianghu really had a Purple Heaven Pavilion, she didn’t want to know about it and she didn’t want to be involved with them.

“Alright, don’t you want to see that person?  This prince will immediately let you see them!  If you’re willing, you can bring that person along with you and this prince will not stop you!”

Na Mu Cuo clapped his hands and loudly ordered, “Bring that person in for this prince!”

Chen Ning couldn’t help straightening her back as she looked at the door.

Na Mu Cuo was watching her the entire time as his eyes sparkled.  He couldn’t help say in a jealous voice, “Ah Ning, when can you look at me like this?  I won’t have any other requests.”

Her back slightly stiffened, but she said nothing.

There were the sounds of footsteps outside before someone reported, “Your highness, the person has been brought.”

“Come in!”  Na Mu Cuo said in a deep voice.

The door opened and a person stumbled inside.

“Bad people, you are all bad people!  What did you bring me here for! Ah…..Young miss!  Why is it you?”

When that person saw Chen Ning, her round little face filled with surprise and joy.  Her eyes popped out and a look of disbelief appeared on her face.

“Xiao Ru!”  Chen Ning took a step forward and grabbed her hand.

“Young miss!”  Feeling the warmth of Chen Ning’s palm, Xiao Ru suddenly felt that this was reality.  She threw herself into Chen Ning’s embrace and hugged her as she began to cry.

“Is this servant dreaming?  This servant seems to be dreaming of the young miss.  Young miss, where did you go these past few days? After that bad man Chu Shao Yang brought the young miss away, this servant has been dying of worry.  Did he bully you? Did he beat you? Did he curse you?”

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