Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 789

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Chapter 789: All dead


Blood splashed in all directions.

Chen Ning saw drops of blood falling to the ground.  After that, with a peng sound, the black clothed person fell to the ground and there was a glowing flying dagger in his back.

“Ah Ning!”

Na Mu Cuo flew through the window and he nervously looked around, not seeing Chen Ning’s figure.  His heart was about to jump out of his chest.

He loudly shouted again.

“Ah Ning, where are you?”

“I’m here.”  Chen Ning’s heart fell down and she crawled out from under the bed.  She dusted her clothes and she looked down at the black clothed person.

The black clothed person was wearing a set of tight fitting night coloured clothes and was lying on the ground.  His face could not be seen at all.

“Are you hurt?  Are you alright?”  Na Mu Cuo grabbed her shoulder and looked her over up and down.  He found that she was not injured and let out a sigh of relief.

“I’m fine, have you caught the intruders?”  She asked.

Na Mu Cuo nodded, but his face was very serious as he said in a deep voice, “But they’re all dead, not a single one was left alive.”

After he said this, he leaned over the black clothed man on the ground.  He took his pulse and said with a sigh, “He’s also dead.”

“All dead?”  Chen Ning took in a cold breath, “They were all killed by you?”

“They weren’t killed by me, they…..all took poison to commit suicide.”  Na Mu Cuo shook his head. Na Mu Cuo reached out his foot and turned the black clothed person over.  He took off the mask and revealed a normal looking face where there was black blood flowing from the eyes, ears, mouth, and nose.

He knew that his flying dagger was not fatal as he said, “My blade did not have any poison.”

Chen Ning nodded.  She could see that this black clothed person knew he could not run, so he swallowed poison.

“Who are they?”  She asked.

Na Mu Cuo considered it, “According to my estimation, they should be a well trained group of assassins, but my people have searched through them and haven’t found a single clue.  I don’t know who sent these people at all.”

“Didn’t find any clues?”  Chen Ning suddenly pointed at the black clothed person’s leather boots and said, “I have found something.  Look at the pattern on their boots, it’s a cloud. You can send people to look over the boots of all the black clothed people and if they have the same pattern, perhaps you can find their origins.”

“Ah Ning, you truly are astute.  You can actually even notice these small details!”

Na Mu Cuo was pleasantly surprised.  He leaned over again and did find that cloud pattern.

Only the colours black and purple were quite similar.  With the purple pattern on the black boots, if one didn’t look carefully, they wouldn’t have noticed it.

“Someone, go and look over the boots of those black clothed people, see if they have the same patterns!”  He loudly ordered.

Someone immediately responded outside and quickly came back with a report.

“Your highness, every one of their boots had the same cloud pattern.”

Na Mu Cuo nodded and ordered, “Have everyone guard the guest palace.  If there is anyone who dares intrude, immediately kill them!”

Turning around, his face was already looking very ugly.

“You know the origin of these assassins, right?”  Chen Ning saw his expression and could guess most things.

Na Mu Cuo did not respond and he just looked at her, with those deep, dark eyes not even blinking.  He grabbed her hand and tightened his grip.

Chen Ning could feel that his palm was covered in a cold sweat.

He was afraid!


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