Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 788

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Chapter 788: Feinting east and attacking west

Chen Ning’s heart skipped a beat and her face slightly turned white.  She bit her lips and secretly though: It can’t be people sent by Mo Chuan, right?


With Mo Chuan’s personality, it definitely wouldn’t be him!

Then…..was it Chu Shao Yang?

She stood up and walked to the window.  She saw that the people dancing and singing in yard had all disappeared, they should have left with Na Mu Cuo.

There was still a bonfire in the center of the field.

She heard the sounds of weapons crossing outside the wall, as the sounds of fighting became stronger.

She also heard Na Mu Cuo’s low voice.

“Catch them alive, don’t let a single one off!”

Suddenly, a burst of cold wind came from the window that brought a deep coldness with it.

In this moment, the hairs on Chen Ning’s back stood up.

There’s danger!


Her strong sixth sense made her dodge to the side.  She heard a soft sound as a small thing flew past her face.  There was a faint stench that filled her nose.

The secret weapon was poisoned!

She broke out in a cold sweat.  Then she heard a “duo” sound behind her as the small hidden weapon hit the bedpost.

It was a good thing she learned martial arts before.  Although she wasn’t considered a master, she was still had better senses than normal people.

She knew the secret weapon had flown in through the window, but she couldn’t see the person who threw the secret weapon at all.  She only that there was a person hidden and she was in the open.

Chen Ning immediately took action.  She squatted down at the window and then rolled underneath the bed.

The thick bedding immediately covered her up.

She laid underneath the bed and looked out.  She did not hear any noise, but suddenly there was an extra pair of legs.  They were wearing a pair of black leather boots and they seemed normal, but there was a purple cloud pattern on them that made her take an extra glance.

There’s killing intent!

Chen Ning told herself that the person outside was targeting no one but herself!

But she just could not understand how she had offended this person.  Why would someone come after her life so indiscriminately.

She held her breath as she watched those black boots.

Those feet just stood there.  It was very clear that they were looking for their target in their room and couldn’t find it for now.

As long as the target was not found, they wouldn’t move.

Chen Ning’s heart was in her throat.  She knew that if she accidentally made a single sound, she would be found, but she didn’t know how long she could hold her breath.  When she almost couldn’t stand it anymore.

Na Mu Cuo!

Idiot Na Mu Cuo!

She realized it was feinting east to attack west, the plan of luring the tiger from the mountain!

The other side’s target most likely wasn’t Na Mu Cuo, but rather her!

At this time, the black boots suddenly moved and appeared beside the bed in an instant.  They were less than a foot away from her and the purple cloud pattern was enlarged, allowing her to see it clearly.

Chen Ning’s body was as tense as a bow.  She did not know if this person had found her, but she could only do her best to not move.  However, she had held her breath too long and couldn’t take it anymore, so she took a small breath.

The person immediately sensed it and Chen Ning already knew this was bad when she took a breath.  She suddenly lowered her head and her body curled as a thin cold glow flew over her head. It cut off a bit of her hair, but she had avoided the killing attack again in this risky manner.

The cold light flashed again, but this time it was aimed at her chest.  It was incredibly fast and she could not dodge at all.

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