Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 780

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Chapter 780: You, do you hate me

“Third brother, if you are a true man, you would stand.  Don’t act like a dog that can’t afford to lose, acting like this will only make Ning’er and everyone look down and despise you!  If you truly love her, you would prove it to her! If you are a true man, you would be able to accept a lose and give it up! Even if you lose her today, can’t you win her heart back in the future!  Third brother, I have said everything I want to say, take care of yourself!”

Chu Shao Bai finished speaking and he took one last deep glance at Chu Shao Yang before turning to leave without looking back.

He did not walk to the stage, rather he kept walking until he walked out of the east field’s gates.

The sunlight shined down on his white as snow clothes and he seemed like he was bathed in a golden light that made him look dazzling.

In that moment, everyone’s eyes were following him.

Because his words were too beautiful, too satisfying.  It said everything that everyone wanted to say.

There were several thousand people on the field, but it was completely silent.

Na Mu Cuo kept watching Chu Shao Bai’s back.  When he finally disappeared from sight, he turned back and spoke to Chen Ning in a heartfelt voice.

“Ah Ning, luckily the person you married wasn’t him!  I never thought that a person like Chu Shao Yang would have this kind of brother!  This brat is pretty good. I, Na Mu Cuo rarely admire people, but this brat has filled me with heartfelt admiration!”

Chen Ning watched Chu Shao Bai leave without even turning back and she suddenly felt that white clothed youth seemed like he had grown up overnight.

She had always treated him as a little brother, but his words just now had made her eyes suddenly become wet.  This was the first time she felt she didn’t understand Chu Shao Bai. His inner world was even more complex than she had imagined and even more beautiful!

He walked away so cleanly and beautifully.  His words began to ring out and people couldn’t help wanting to clap for him.

Na Mu Cuo’s words were right.  He was no longer the inexperienced young man and was not a youth that people could admire and respect!

Empress Dowager Zhou watching from the stands couldn’t help saying to Mo Chuan, “Emperor, Shao Bai has grown up.”

Mo Chaun nodded.  He looked in the direction Chu Shao Bai left in with deep eyes.

Yes, it was like he was meeting Chu Shao Bai for the first time as well, deeply being shocked by his words.

Chu Shao Yang’s face went from red and white.  His lips tightened and he didn’t say a word, but he lost his madness and jealousy.  He no longer roared out and instantly became much calmer.

His eyes opened wide as he looked at the blue sky and white clouds above him, watching the golden sun shine down on him.  His face slowly filled with calmness.

Na Mu Cuo looked at him and his right hand came up, taking back his bow, putting it on his back.  He coldly said, “Chu Shao Yang, stand up! If you are a man, stand up and stop lying there!”

Chu Shao Yang slowly stood up from the ground.  He did not look at Na Mu Cuo and looked right at Chen Ning.

“Ning’er!”  He shouted.

Chen Ning paused for a second before turning to look at him, not saying a word.

The madness and anger in Chu Shao Yang’s face had completely disappeared.  Although his face was covered in dirt, his eyes were sparkling, returning to his usual appearance.  He was a completely different person from that mad dog from before.

“You, do you hate me?”  He deeply looked at her, speaking word for word.

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  1. Luna says:

    Oh please…
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    Ffs, CSY’s plot armor is as thick as..

    his head. Thick as his head. Maybe more. Aff.

    (Thanks for the chapter!)

  2. loullax says:

    She should hate him, but maybe she feels nothingat all

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