Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 773

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Chapter 773: A lesson that will never be forgotten

“Win!  Win!  At most with another move, Shao Yang will win!”  The Eldest Princess finally let out a long sigh of relief as her tightly knit brows relaxed.

Even if Chu Shao Yang did a thousand things wrong, she still wanted him to win.

Empress Dowager Zhou’s expression sank in turn.

Even a person who didn’t understand martial arts could see that Chu Shao Yang had suppressed Na Mu Cuo.  His sword’s glow shined out and only a white flash could be seen on the field. Na Mu Cuo’s figure could not be seen at all because he was completely surrounded by Chu Shao Yang’s sword glow, unable to escape at all.

The Eldest Princess revealed a relieved smile on her face.

Mo Chuan looked at Chu Shao Bai and they both sighed.  The two of them did not speak as they looked at Chu Shao Yang.

At this time, the scene on the field suddenly changed.


Chu Shao Yang was filled with spirit and the Spirit Snake Sword in his hand seemed like it was alive.  He released nine blooming slashes that pierced at Na Mu Cuo’s face.

This move was real and illusory.  People found it hard to discover which slash was real and which slash was fake.

He wanted to leave a mark on Na Mu Cuo’s face, giving him a lesson that he would never forget.

“Good move!”

Na Mu Cuo suddenly sprang forward like lightning and made a clear whistling sound.  He was already at the end of his ropes, but he suddenly took out an arrow from his back and drew back his bowstring.  At the most critical moment, the arrow flew out.

Chu Shao Yang never thought that Na Mu Cuo would shoot an arrow at this distance.  When he noticed that the target of this arrow was not him, he couldn’t help being a bit stunned.

The sword in his hand did not stop at all as it pierced at Na Mu Cuo like a poisonous snake.

“Zheng!”  With the sound of metal clashing, there were sparks that flew in all directions.

Just in that instant, Chu Shao Yang felt a shock from his wrist as a powerful might surged forward.  He could not hold the sword in his hand as it flew through the air.

Na Mu Cuo’s target was the tip of his sword.  When the arrow tip and sword tip met, it created sparks while the large impact strength of the arrow sent Chu Shao Yang’s sword flying.

Chu Shao Yang felt his throat become tight as he was caught by Na Mu Cuo’s bowstring.  Na Mu Cuo pulled and he fell to the ground, falling flat on his face with his butt pointed up, looking very sorry.

The East Qin stands exploded with thunderous applause and shouts.

When everyone saw Chu Shao Yang looking this sorry, they broke out in laughter.

Na Mu Cuo held his bow and looked at Chu Shao Yang from above, giving a laugh.

“You’ve lost.”  He cleanly said.

Chu Shao Yang’s throat was caught by the bowstring and he laid there unable to move.  His face was purple and it was very hard for him to breathe, so there was no need to mention him being able to talk.

He closed his eyes and his heart was filled with despair.

That’s right, he has lost.  He had lost completely.

His face was covered in defeat and that handsome face was covered in dust.  He laid on the ground as he listened to the taunting laughter around him. In that moment, he really wanted to die!

“Your highness, since you’ve already won, let go of my third brother!”  Chu Shao Bai jumped down from the stands and went to support Chu Shao Yang up.

“Stop!”  Na Mu Cuo’s hand held the bowstring as he said in a sharp voice, “If you take another step forward, this prince will break his neck!”

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