Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 695

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Chapter 695: Giving you the best

“Ning’er, this king has brought you something good.  After you take it, your injuries will be much better.”

Chu Shao Yang clapped his hands and the guard beside him brought over the box.  He opened it and presented it like a treasure in front of her.

A thick ginseng smell wafted out.

Chen Ning ignored him at first, but seeing this item, her eyes couldn’t help opening wide as she bit her lips.

“This is…..”

“This is a thousand year old snow ginseng which can be considered a treasure.  It can’t be bought with money. Look at this ginseng, from its head to its toes, it already looks like a human.  It can cure all illnesses and even if one isn’t it, it can help supplement one’s body. Ning’er, do you like it?”

She closed her eyes, “I don’t.”

No matter what he gave her, she would not like it.

“He, he.”  She heard Chu Shao Yang begin to laugh, “I don’t like it either because I hate the person who gave this to you.  But, although I hate that person, I still took his gift. Someone, go and turn this snow ginseng into ginseng soup and send it over for the Princess Consort!”

“Yes.”  The guard took the snow ginseng and disappeared.

“Chu Shao Yang.”

She suddenly opened her eyes.

“Un?”  He sat down beside her bed and his lips curled into a smile, “Call me Shao Yang.  I like hearing you say my name, but don’t add the word Chu.”

He smiled as he looked at her, like he was in a great mood.

Her long hair was scattered across the pillow like a crow’s feathers, her face was white and delicate, and her eyes were dark black and sparkling like water.  Just seeing this made his heart beat faster, but he kept smiling.

“Ning’er, your hair is messy.  Also where did your hairping go?  But I’ll prepare the best one for you now.”

He carefully fixed her hair and used a slender finger to carefully caress her face.  It was delicate and smooth, making his hand feel great.

“What do you want to say to me?  Did you miss me after I left? Didn’t I come back quickly to be with you?  You…..”

She turned her head and moved away from his finger, but she was trapped to the bed.  With only a few inches to move, where could she go?

Chu Shao Yang smiled again, “Don’t like me touching you?  Alright, I won’t touch you. I’ll wait until you beg me to touch you.”

He kept his word and took back his hand, silently watching her.”

“What do you want to say?”  He asked.

“Are you planning to keep me locked up here forever?”  She stared right at him.

He said with a smile, “Lock you up forever?  Of course not. I want you to be with me forever.”

“By using this method of trapping me to this bed?”  She moved her body and the chains trapping her made clanging sounds.

“Un, for now I can only do this.”  Chu Shao Yang rubbed his chin while looking down on her and saying, “Ning’er, don’t play tricks with me, I know what you want to do.  If I let you go, you might use a violent method to escape from me, so I can’t take that risk. I would rather you hate me and be locked up then for you to hurt me.”

She couldn’t help closing her eyes.

That’s right, he was indeed smart.  She could not underestimate him.

“Ning’er, don’t you want to ask me about the palace banquet tonight?”

She simply closed her eyes.

“There was someone that almost went crazy because of you.  Ning’er, don’t you want to know who he is?” His voice was filled with deep temptation as it rang in her ears.  The warm breath went behind her ear, making her unable to not break out in goosebumps.

Her body slightly trembled and this small action did not escape his eyes that had been fixed on her.

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