Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 589

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Chapter 589: What qualifications does he have

Chu Shao Bai did not say anything else and quickly led Zhui Feng back to the bridge.

In the river under the bridge, it was filled with lanterns flowing down the current, but there was no one on the bridge.

“She was standing here back then.  When I was down there fighting, she was still giving me a faint smile.”  Chu Shao Bai thought of the scene back then and his heart filled with pain.

Zhui Feng nodded, but he said nothing.

He first walked around the bridge several times before squatting down.  He went down on all fours like a lizard, looking very strange.

Chu Shao Bai however did not laugh at him.  He knew that Zhui Feng was unparalleled in tracking in this world, but this was the first time he had seen it in front of him.

He watched Zhui Feng lying on the ground, crawling forward inch by inch, covering half of the stone bridge.  He looked very carefully, not missing even the slightest cracks in the stone.

Then he jumped up from the ground with a serious expression on his face.

“Your highness, you were right.  The Princess Consort, she…..was indeed taken by someone.  This subordinate carefully looked and only found traces of when the Princess Consort came, but no traces of when she left.  This meant that she didn’t leave of her own free will and was taken away by someone.”

Chu Shao Bai anxiously said, “Then quickly track her, where did she go?  We need to go and save her!”

Zhui Feng shook his head and said in a frustrated voice, “This subordinate has not found her yet, but I am certain that the person who took the Princess Consort did not leave a single trace.  His qinggong should not be below yours or mine.”

Chu Shao Bai’s heart sank and he groaned, “If you can’t find her, then who can?”

He forcefully gripped his fist and angrily said, “It’s him!  It has to be third brother! I’ll go and ask third brother right now!”

Zhui Feng quickly grabbed him, “Your highness, please calm yourself.  This matter was not done by King Ding Yuan. Even if King Ding Yuan took the Princess Consort, that is also….also…..”

He had something that was hard to say, but Chu Shao Bai could understand what he meant.

That’s right, even if it was third brother that took her, what could he do!  She was his third brother’s princess and not his! What qualification did he have to question his third brother?  Find his third brother to ask for her back?

“But, should we just let third brother take her like this?  Third brother, he…..he will certainly imprison her and not give her any freedom!”  Chu Shao Bai gripped his chest and felt his heart splitting apart.

He wanted to give her freedom and happiness, but he had sent her into a cage, forever letting her lose the freedom she wished for.

Zhui Feng did not say anything and closed his eyes.  After walking back and forth on the bridge twice, he suddenly stopped.

“Your highness, this subordinate feels that this matter was not done by King Ding Yuan.”  He suddenly said.

“If it’s not him, then who else can it be!”  Chu Shao Bai angrily said, staring at Zhui Feng, “Why are you speaking up for him?  Did you notice something else!”

Zhui Feng nodded and said, “This subordinate has found something strange, but I am not certain.  Perhaps, this subordinate can only use another method and see if I can find the Princess Consort.”

“What method?”

“Your highness, do you have anything the Princess Consort has used before?  For example a comb? A hairpin? Or even an earring?”

“What do you need this for?”  Chu Shao Bai said in a curious voice.

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