Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 189

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Chapter 189: This miss has money

“What a joke!  Who says this miss has no money?  Even if I don’t have as much as you, I still have enough to treat you to a meal.”

Chen Ning pulled out an embroidered purse from her chest and very lavishly threw it onto the table.  This purse contained all her money.

She was still considered a rich master with at least four thousand silvers, she could not let this black clothed man look down on her.

The black clothed man seriously picked up the purse and counted the silver bills inside.  Then he raised his head and gently said, “It’s not enough.”

“How is it not enough?  Didn’t we just order four dishes?  Even if it was one thousand silvers per dish, there is still enough!”  Chen Ning looked at him with a suspicious gaze.

“It’s enough for the dishes, but I’m afraid you’re wrong young miss.  It costs five thousand silvers to enter this room, that’s why I said you don’t have enough.”  The man calmly replied.

“Five thousand silvers?  Isn’t this room a little too expensive? This is simply ripping people off!”  Chen Ning was filled with indignance.

“But I believe the young miss’ sincerity.  Miss should go wash your face, I’ll wait for you here.”

The black clothed man had a calm appearance as he spoke in a polite voice.

He picked up the teapot on the table and poured himself a cup.  Then he brought it to his lips, first sniffing it before taking a sip.

His posture was elegant and noble.  If it wasn’t for the cold aura coming from him, Chen Ning would have thought that he was a young master from some rich family.

Only a person educated from their youth would be this calm, collected, and graceful.  Each movement from him was like a feast for the eyes for normal people.

“If this miss is not going to wash your face, then why don’t you sit down?  This one believes that my face is not as good as the miss’.  If this miss keeps staring at this one like this, then I’m afraid the next face I see will turn into the miss’.”

The black clothed man drank the entire cup before glancing over at her and teasing her.

Chen Ning found that she was unconsciously losing herself as she stared at him.  Her face heated up a little as she went out the door.

She found a waiter and asked them to get a bowl of water.  She went to the courtyard to wash her face, but she was shocked when she looked down.

The clear water reflected her face.  The makeup on her face had been licked up by the date red horse and had become extremely weird.  Even she almost fell down from seeing her own face.

She remembered how the black clothed man had remained calm when looking at her and she was filled with awe.

It really has been difficult for him, not being able to say anything even after seeing this hideous appearance.

She washed her face clean and returned to the room feeling very refreshed.

Hearing the sound of her entering, the black clothed man did not look up.  The man put down a cup of tea and said, “Try this tea, it’s quite good.”

The fragrance of the tea filled her nose.  Chen Ning did not know about teas, but she couldn’t help praising, “Such fragrant tea.”

She picked up the cup of tea and directly drank it.

A smile flashed in the black clothed man’s eyes.  Seeing the way Chen Ning was drinking the tea, he could see she knew nothing about tea at all.

In this era, people treated tea as a high class drink.  What made tea special was the temperature it was at and how it was made.  For good tea, it had to be slowly enjoyed.  One had to first enjoy the colour and then enjoy the taste.  After that, one had to slowly drink the tea just like drinking fine wine, slowly losing oneself in the flavour.

Only ordinary people would drink tea like Chen Ning did, drinking it without even looking at it.

His smiling eyes suddenly fell onto Chen Ning’s face and it felt like time stopped.

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