Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 188

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Chapter 188: My treat

Was the legendary master referring to one with skills like the black clothed man?

There truly is always someone better.  This black clothed man’s martial arts was ten times, no, at least one hundred times better than Chu Shao Yang’s!

If he was willing to help her, she would not need to worry about Chu Shao Yang anymore.

This thought sneaked into Chen Ning’s mind and dug deep in.

She could not help revealing an evil smile on her lips.

The black clothed man was walking in front, but he felt a thorn piercing his back.  He turned to look around and saw the smile on Chen Ning’s face.  His heart turned cold like he was a chicken being paid a visit by the weasel.

[TL Note – Prey being hunted]

How could this girl’s smile be this strange!

“Am I funny?”  He knitted his brows and spoke in a low voice.

“Of course not, not a single bit.”  Chen Ning quickly made the smile disappear and spoke with a serious look on her face.

She could not allow this black clothed man to know her thoughts, so she immediately put up her guard.

“Humph.”  The black clothed man gave a cold snort and then turned back to continue moving forward, but floating in his eyes was Chen Ning’s evil smile.

This girl wouldn’t be having ideas about him, right?

His mind secretly went on alert.

The two of them walked with one in front and one in the back to the Tai He Floor.  When they saw that crowd in front of the restaurant, Chen Ning immediately began to regret her proposal.

Why did she have to stubbornly pick the Tai He Floor!

The makeup on her face had been licked off by the date red horse and the waiters would not recognize her, so she would not receive the same preferential treatment as last time.

If they lined up and waited, perhaps they wouldn’t be able to eat even if they waited until tomorrow.

“How about we go to a different restaurant?”  She awkwardly proposed.

The black clothed man looked at her and walked through the Tai He Floor’s entrance.

“I want a seat on the third floor.

When he entered in, he threw a silver bill to the owner.  Chen Ning could not see how much it was, but she did see the owner’s face immediately bloom like a flower.  

“Yes, yes, please come this way.”

This lots of money, he really was rich and powerful.  He threw around silver bills just like pieces of paper.

Chen Ning let out an exhale, this is the so called money talks.  She had completely forgotten that this was the irrefutable truth in this ancient era.

The waiter graciously came over to take her horse.

“This horse has a bad temper, so tie it up by itself.  You’re not allowed to let the horse beside it bully it.”  Chen Ning carefully instructed.

“Yes, yes, yes, you can be assured dear customer.”

The waiter looked at the date red horse and he thought about how ugly this horse was.  If he tied it together with any other customer’s good horse, they would probably be unhappy.

This time, the owner did not blabber on.  After personally talking the black clothed man and Chen Ning to the third floor and waiting for them to order, he quickly left.

There was only Chen Ning and the black clothed man left in the room.

Chen Ning found that the black clothed man did not like to talk and with that clever mouthed Xiao Si not being here, a silence quickly filled the room.

“Un, ah, young master please wait here.  I want to go and wash my face first.  I will be right back.”  Chen Ning was really bored.  They had just been sitting there without talking for a while now.

The modern era Chen Ning had a habit of washing her hands before eating and with her face covered in horse spit, she had no appetite at all.  Of course, she was also looking for a reason to sneak out because she had no plans to sit here letting the black clothed man stare at her again.

The black clothed man just looked at her.

“Miss wouldn’t be taking this chance to slip away, right?  If you don’t have money, then it can be my treat.”

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