DKC chapter 648: 7) Future readers

Chapter 648 is brought to you by June and Ninja.

Not sure if our readership will continue to grow….but I do read and try to respond to comments from readers who just found DKC and read it while commenting all at once…It’s nice to know that there are always more people who are discovering DKC in spit of the bad reviews…and continued to stay with us 🙂 Thank You.

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6 Responses to DKC chapter 648: 7) Future readers

  1. Waxona says:

    Wait, what bad reviews? o.o

  2. Gravios says:

    i love this novel just wish the chapters were longer 🙁 Also tyvm for translating I once attempted to self study (via an expensive piece of software) mandarin and was just not able to stay focused on it so i appreciate the effort you put in.

  3. Yusef Edusi says:

    I’ve just recently picked up this and have enjoyed your translations and the story quite a bit. Honestly, you shouldn’t even worry about bad reviews, since most level-headed people realize a review is just someone else’s opinion (and nothing more).

    • June says:

      Oh I basically won’t go to that site anymore… Besides people who liked the story stay here…only people who don’t like it write reviews there 🙂

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