DKC chapter 590 and Message from Ninja

Chapter 590 brought to you by Hikikomori, June and Ninja, this is a gift chapter for the ad sponsored one from before. Working on the next chapter…. Below is a message from Ninja.

‘There has been news from Greenpeace see link that there are plans to build a dam on the second longest river in the world, the Amazon river. For those who have facebook, please go to Siemens’ facebook page:
and at least state that Siemens should not be involved with building the dam! It would be cool if you could state the country you’re from, too! And for those who have done so, please comment somewhere! I,Ninja, am willing to offer to Translate 3 DKC chapters in the future if at least 30 people commented that they have done so on facebook. If they can provide links/proof, I would appreciate it very much!’


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6 Responses to DKC chapter 590 and Message from Ninja

  1. Owl says:

    Sorry, I don’t trust “Greenpeace”. Their ideology tends to make them predisposed to assuming the worst of everything.

  2. libraryrocker says:

    I commented on it. I disapprove of dams on rivers in general, they’re actually a really terrible idea, geologically, but that doesn’t stop humans from doing it….

  3. Fundle says:

    I commented on it. It’s easy to destroy, but its hard to recover and the healing always leaves scars.

    • Owl says:

      And nature does not leave scars? Nature leaves vastly more scars on the landscape than humans. Wind erosion, water erosion, glacial erosion, sedimentation, treefall ripping off cliffs, oxbow bend river formations etc.

      Us human beings are very arrogant creatures, thinking that if we force it, we can hold the world in unchanging stasis, that canyons will always be canyons, rivers will always be rivers. Change is nature, nature IS change.

      We always talk about “killing the planet”. Nonsense. The planet will still be around. What we really mean is we’ll kill ourselves/humans, it’s only our arrogance that we think of “us=Earth”. We’ll kill ourselves off. The planet will recover and grow living things. Even if it is just cockroaches and bacteria.

  4. darksun99 says:

    I commented on it too.

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