DKC – Chapter 590

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Chapter 590 – The secret to her background (4)

“You are saying……” Su Luo inhaled a deep breath of cold air. Because of her, that baby had died? In other words, that female infant’s death wasn’t natural at all?

Although the fact was quite cruel, but since it was already said in the open, Nangong Liuyun did not prepare to conceal it from her.

“You guessed right.” Nangong Liuyun tenderly stroked her head: “Things decreed by fate, no one can change it, don’t think too much on it.”

A complicated emotion flashed through Su Luo’s eyes.

That female infant should not have died, it was only because it had to make way for her. As a result, her soul had returned to heaven without her ever opening her eyes.

“Who are my biological parents? Who was the one that tossed me in Su manor? In the end, what kind of behind-the-scenes story was in here?” Su Luo had a headache.

“Being anxious about this matter won’t make it come faster, turn it over to this king to investigate.”

In fact, Nangong Liuyun had not told her, he had already started to investigate this secretly at an earlier time. However, whenever he investigated and found a bit of clue, it would quickly be extinguished by another party.

Just like a pair of serene eyes hidden in the depth of the darkness. It was following this matter closely with a chillingly cold gaze.

This was also the reason why he would continuously conceal it from Su Luo, not wanting her to be involved. However, his plan couldn’t keep up with the rapidly changing situation, and she still found out from Liu Ruohua’s mouth.

Su Luo could only helplessly nod her head.

Previously, she didn’t know, then it was fine. Now, since she already knew, she ought to investigate it to the end.

Because she could faintly feel that her background…… Was concealing a huge secret.

But, Nangong Liuyun was stronger than her in all aspects, now, even he found things to be difficult, thus it was clear how thorny this matter was.

“All right, don’t let your imagination run wild, you have this king with you.” Nangong Liuyun couldn’t bear to see the sour expression wrinkling Su Luo’s face, and he flicked her forehead.

“Then bear in mind, when you have made new progress, you must immediately tell me. You must not conceal it from me again like before.” Su Luo warned him.

“Okay.” His Highness Prince Jin, who was insufferably arrogant in front of other people, now tenderly watched Su Luo, rubbing her head: “Don’t worry, you have me ah.”

“There is also that Wang Qi and wet nurse, you will keep them in custody for me properly. Later, I will have great use for them.” Su Luo continued to tell him.


“As for when to put the cards on the table before Su Zian, it’s for me to decide, you are not allowed to force me.”


Regardless of what Su Luo demanded, Nangong Liuyun lovingly and in a spoiling manner nodded to all of it. He indulged her every wish and desire.

Since after she became aware of her own background, Su Luo’s mood became quite good, and her cultivation speed also followed closely.

That piece of paradise next to the rock garden’s waterfall, one could see her silhouette from early morning to the evening.

Because Su Luo deeply understood, there was little time left for her.

If Su Zian became aware of her background, he certainly would have an acrimonious falling out with her. In addition, there was Su Qing who disappeared and was secretly glaring at her like a tiger watching its prey.

She could not hide behind Nangong Liuyun every time, seeking his protection and care. She had to quickly mature, to assume personal responsibility, meeting these eroding winds and frost.

Because she was single-mindedly focused on cultivating, as a result, time flew by.

This day, next to the waterfall, Su Luo suddenly opened her eyes.

Nangong Liuyun, who had continuously accompanied her at her side, at the same time, stopped his work. He gazed at her with deep concern: “What happened?”

“Have already arrived at the peak of fourth rank, but that last juncture, no matter what, I can’t break through.” Su Luo fidgeted and scratched her head.

She had already strived hard for a month, but it still was no good…really made a person’s heart anxious.

From the middle of the fourth rank to the peak of fourth rank, her cultivation was very smooth. Just as if the entire way was unimpeded, but at the doorstep between the peak of fourth rank to the fifth rank, she was locked out that door and refused entry.

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