Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 165

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Chapter 165

Right after she spoke, Baili Hongzhuang turned to leave the rest area.

Everyone was in a daze as they watched her leave. Wasn’t this just too rude?

Baili Hongzhuang had directly rejected the two teacher’s invitation without another word. Even her words sounded as if she was too lazy to deal with the two. Her identity seemed to change in front of everybody’s eyes.

Xuanyuan Yutian’s face was also a bit awkward. The royal hunting competition had already ended, so it wasn’t exactly wrong for Baili Hongzhuang to leave.

But thinking reasonably, wasn’t that just a terrible time to leave?

“Teacher Lu, Teacher Fu.”

Xuanyuan Yutian slowly started to talk. With his identity as the country’s monarch, he usually didn’t need to be worried about other people’s displeasure.

But Azure Water School’s identity was special. Its position was very deep rooted, and its influence was enormous.

Many powerful experts came from the school. It’s only goal was to grow the cultivator’s strength and never asked anything in return.

However, every single cultivator was grateful to Azure Water School as their alma mater. If their alma master were to meet with a mishap, they wouldn’t just stand by and let it die.

Some of the students who had turned into famous cultivators assisted Azure Water School and donated resources to them to return the favor.

So even though Azure Water School seemed to just be an ordinary school, its identity was actually very complicated. The slightest move would affect everyone else.

Even Xuanyuan Yutian didn’t want to offend them. After all, many of Feng Bo country’s cultivators were also studying there.

What’s more, Xuanyuan Huan was also preparing to cultivate in Azure Water School.

Everybody thought that Fuhong Bo and Lu Huaiyan would get angry after Baili Hongzhuang’s response, but the two’s reactions were completely different from their expectations.

They could only see them continuing to smile at Xuanyuan Yutian, “Congratulations, Emperor. It seems like they’re many good seedlings in the younger generation. We have some business to do, so we’ll take our leave first.”

Watching the two’s reactions, Xuanyuan Yutian knew that the two weren’t angry at Baili Hongzhuang, but were actually even more interested in her.

He nodded his head, “Since you two have something you need to do, I shall not detain you.”

Lu Huaiyan and Fuhong Bo nodded, at once leaving in Baili Hongzhuang’s direction!

“Damn, have I seen wrongly? Even after Baili Hongzhuang refused to join Azure Water School, they are still rushing to ask her?”

“Even if Baili Hongzhuang’s strength isn’t bad, the two teachers shouldn’t need to chase so desperately, right?”

“In the end, what happened? I don’t understand anything ah!”

Everybody looked at each other. Baili Hongzhuang’s response was strange, and the two teacher’s reaction was even stranger!

Could it be that she was straight up trying to get rid of them instead of doing business?

Was it that the more Baili Hongzhuang refused, the more Azure Water School wanted to invite her?

Watching the two teachers hurriedly leave as if they were afraid of convincing Baili Hongzhuang a second late, everybody was left speechless.

There was no natural order of things!

They had to stake their lives just to hope for a chance to enter Azure Water School, and still needed the teachers to give a nod of approval. But Baili Hongzhaung was just simply an arrogant idler, and yet other people come running to her!

The gap between them and her was just too big!

Although all the chancellors seemed to be calm and collect, in their hearts, they were actually extremely shocked. This Baili Hongzhuang may be able to even go against the heavens, ah.

With that the royal family’s hunting competiton was over. Although Li Chengqian was very unhappy with Baili Hongzhuang’s performence, after seeing Baili Zhentao’s thick skinned face turn dark, his heart became very delighted!

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