Weapon Shop Uncle Volume 1 Outtake 3

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The Flower Shop Girls’ Ordinary Day

Today, Lisana was wearing a bit absent-minded expression.

Flower shop proprietress Yazi watched her busy shop girl with a smile.

Yazi was a very mature female. No matter the occasion, she would always be smiling, her two eyes narrowed into half moons, making people unable to guess her thoughts.

Today, Yazi was a little different than she usually was. Her long black hair that usually trailed over her shoulders had been exchanged for a high ponytail. Her originally queenly temperament had become more characteristic of a cute young maiden.

When Lisana smiled, she did not narrow her eyes, which made people think that her smile was more honest. She was almost ten years apart in age from Yazi. When they stood together, Lisana’s expression looked completely like that of a young girl who didn’t know the ways of the world.

However, people couldn’t tell one whit that Lisana occasionally wore a smile identical to Yazi’s.

At this moment, Yazi was supporting her head as she watched Lisana who was carefully taking care of the flowers.

The two people were extraordinary beauties, and indeed, their positions were quite impressive. Often, there would be boys stupid in their first love, watching Lisana and Yazi, lingering in front of the flower shop and forgetting to go home.

But Yazi discovered something.

Since Zhai He had left, Lisana would always be unconsciously distracted. First thing in the morning she would go and read the newspaper. Although after she read it she was always showing a discouraged expression.

It was not a surprise. Zhai He was not bad looking, had top notch forging skills, plus his cooking and cleaning skills were also praised by everyone. He was profound in his learning, and moreover, he was very friendly with other people. Though he usually made silly mistakes, when it came to the important things he was extremely reliable.

Yazi concluded.

For Lisana, such a young girl, Zhai He’s maturity would be affect her maiden heart greatly.

But for Yazi, there was no effect.

Because Yazi was also an outstanding person.

Although her profession was different, and she couldn’t make top class weapons, apart from this, her appearance was very good, her cooking was very good, her knowledge was vast, and even in social etiquette she wouldn’t lose to Zhai he.

And apart from that, her insight was leagues above Zhai He’s. Even if she only seen one or two demon faces before, she immediately knew that the shop girl of the weapon shop was not a human.

But Yazi would definitely not say anything. All secrets remained hidden in her smile.

Yazi was an exceedingly perfect female, and she had an extremely large amount of suitors.

However, teasing Lisana is pretty fun.

Yazi quietly approached the lifeless Lisana on tiptoe, and hugged her from behind, just when she least expected it. Her two hands dishonestly rubbed Lisana’s chest.

“Ahlaahla, what is Little Lisa thinking about~”

“Wuah! Don’t suddenly grab me like that, Yazi jie!”

Lisana exerted all of her strength trying to throw off Yazi’s embrace. She shot Yazi a bitter glare.

“I, I have to keep working. Yazi jie, please be more serious. You should finish with the accounting today.”

“Ah~don’t you want to know what Zhai He is doing right now?”

Nonchalantly saying exactly what the other party wants to hear, was just like tossing in a heavyweight bomb.

“I don’t have any desire to know what Zhai He is doing.”

Although her smile remained the same, she had already lost by giving this answer.

——This was the difference of experience.

Miss Yazi thought of the words that Zhai He would often say, and her smile became brighter. Even if Lisana understood that her answer was not up to par, she said flusteredly:

“Yazi jie? How do you feel about Zhai He?”

“En. He’s quite a good person. Don’t tell me that Lisana’s budding feelings have been agitated?”

“I-I don’t have any kind of agitation!”

En. It seems as if she only has a good impression of him.

Yazi conjectured.

Whatever it is, Little Lisa and Zhai He did not have many interactions. Should she consider sending Lisana to work at Zhai He’s place for a while after he returns?

Beneath Yazi’s unflappable smile, Yazi was thinking of many interesting things.

“Th-then what kind of men does Yazi jie like? The type that you would want to marry?”

The type she would want to marry……Yazi stopped smiling, but her eyes were still narrowed.

“As expected, I’d have to choose a noble.”

“I-I get it. Yazi jie is very outstanding, so she definitely can only marry a good man.”

A good man……Yazi’s brows creased slightly.

She could completely not imagine what that person would be like. Nobles had value, so even if she married into a declining noble family, she would still definitely enter the upper class circles. No matter what the financial status of the noble family was, they still had the name of a noble, and the special privileges would remain.

If we were to speak of worries, Yazi also has them.

That is, the twenty-five-year-old Yazi was ten years over the legal marrying age of the country and still hadn’t been married. Although not many people noticed, this was Yazi’s only weak point.

Yazi was preeminently exceptional. Even if this was a country where nobles could take in concubines, there wasn’t any nobles around who issued proposals to Yazi. Females need to be outstanding in appearance, but had no need for talent and were supposed to follow their husbands. This was an accepted belief among the noble circles. Of course, for the nobles who wanted to play around, they were firmly rejected by Yazi.

It could be said that though Yazi had many suitors, there was no one who existed that matched Yazi.

Worrying about age was something every female did.

The flowering season had its limits. Although Yazi did not look old, but after twenty, or thirty years, she would have withered.

Thus, Yazi looked at the lively and cute Lisana, she would always give out a sigh.

Today Lisana and Yazi seemed depressed, but it was because of two different reasons.

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