Weapon Shop Uncle Volume 1 Chapter 37

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The Uncle and the Pitch Black Tracker (part 1)


“He ge!!”

Little Elan and Carolina simultaneously cried out in shock. I managed to grab onto the guardrail so I slowed my fall onto the floor below. I still managed to roll over a few times before finally hitting a wall, and another mouthful of blood sprayed out. Only heaven knows what internal injuries I have. Right now, I don’t have the time to think about this problem.

“Since I heard that your corpse had disappeared, I had guessed it. As expected, you are still alive,  Leon!!”

I gathered magic in my eyes to strengthen it. This is the same skill I used when I went to fight with Carolina.

But even if I did it, I still could only barely catch a glimpse of his figure.

From head to toe, his figure was wrapped in a pitch-black magic.

It was a man. I could not discern his age, but from his voice he sounded extremely youthful. Maybe he was even younger than me. His bangs completely covered his eyes, only leaving his tall nose and impudently smirking mouth showing.

“I am not the hero Leon. I am the weapon shop uncle Zhai He!”

I almost couldn’t see the punch coming. This time, I had wrapped magic around my arm in advanced to try to and block it. The moment we touched I immediately knew of my foolishness. Although I subconsciously had wrapped magic around my back, I still could not prevent myself from flying into the air, breaking through the wall and falling downstairs again.

The magic armor around my arm had been completely destroyed, and my left arm had temporarily lost feeling.

Too strong. This person.

“What are you doing! What are you doing!! Leon, you shouldn’t be at this level!!”

The opponent did not use a weapon, thus my maintained skill could not have much use.

Even if I wanted to find a gap in his movements, even my strengthened eyes could barely grasp his figure. There was no way for me to analyze him.

I could only try to grasp the pattern in my opponent’s attack style, but this body could definitely not receive that level of attack.

Although I knew that there would be a day in the future where I would face an opponent I could not beat in battle, it was still too early.

But I, Zhai He,was definitely not the kind of person who would obediently surrender after seeing a disparity in strength. Perhaps for other people they would do that, but the kind of person who does not surrender and who do not flee from death, I choose to die.

If I couldn’t sense him with my eyes, then I’ll just use my perception instead.

I released a large quantity of magic everywhere, guiding the magic to form a net.

No, it was not merely a net.

“All things composition!!”

This battle style is something that no one but me could do. Thus, this guy’s battle experience would be useless.

I will make the air condense into a “skeleton” project that would fill the entire space. For me, all I had to do was supply magic to forge all of this. RIght now, the only way for me to succeed was based on the hope that guy could not defend against an attack from the air.

Slightly changing the degree of thinness of the air, it was like embedding a skeleton in a weapon.

“Return to your death, Leon!!”

Afterwards, the opponent ran into my territory, charging for the skeleton.

This area was immediately covered by a strong magic power.


There was only this one opportunity. At this moment, that person showed an expression of slight shock, and his speed slowed down a little bit.

Caught you.

Skeletons have exits. These exits are either primary exits or secondary exits. To give you the sword as an example, the primary exit was at the sword tip, and the secondary exit was in the sword body. The exits are where magic is poured into weapons, and also the location of where the magic will be outputted.

At this moment, I took the “exits” of the air skeleton and pointed them at the man.

It would not be hard for the air skeleton to permeate underneath his skin.

I expelled eighty percent of my magic in one go, causing a giant explosion both inside and outside the man.

Before even a tenth of a second had passed, I had already reached my limits.

Smoke soared into the air, going everywhere. Little Elan and Carolina’s voice seemed so far away.

I gasped for breath sharply. This had consumed up too much of my magic, and my body stiffened.

Then I saw that person.

That person, who hadn’t injured even a single hair on his head.

This time, he wasn’t displaying his movement speed, but was standing still, not saying anything.

A monumental amount of magic had disseminated in the air without me being aware of it. His body was hidden entirely beneath a black mist, like a silent death god.

The cards in my hands had been cleaned out. What’s next?

“Leon is an idiot who could never do that. Who are you?”

I didn’t know why I laughed.

“Remember me. Your daddy is the owner of a weapon shop, Zhai He.”

It was over. I couldn’t beat that person.

There could be only one reason why the explosion did not have any effect on him. That is because the magic density in that person’s body was too large.

For me, the magic in my body can spread over my whole body, but if I wanted to strengthen a certain part of my body, I needed to abandon the defense of some other place. But that bastard is not like that. His magic power was probably as vast as the ocean. Even if he wanted to strengthen his speed, he did not need to neglect his defense.

An inexhaustible, limitless quantity of magic.

So in terms of magic, this guy is a solidly peerless existence.

He was an opponent I could not defeat. The disparity in strength was something that I couldn’t make up for with wisdom or experience.

Even if that guy was just standing there while strengthening his body and he let me go and cut at him, I couldn’t hurt even a single hair on his head, even if I was giving it my all.

I still had twenty percent of my magic, but I didn’t know what I should do.

Why was I still standing here? Was it because I hoped that he would understand that I wasn’t Leon and cut me free?

“Well, even if you are not Leon, that body is Leon’s body. Just obediently stand there and shatter to pieces.”

I very clearly saw his movements.

However, his gaze was suddenly attracted to something else.

“Eh? How Interesting. There’s actually someone of the demon race here?”

He walked towards Little Elan.

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