Weapon Shop Uncle Volume 1 Outtake 2

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Original War Soldier Baro’s Ordinary Day

Ah. It’s so boring.

I bit down on a half-chewed piece of straw while looking at the sky.

Two months have already passed in this forest. I am the only Forest Kind in this forest, so I am undoubtedly, the undisputed boss of this forest. The entire mountain seemed to have integrated with me. From head to toe, I am full of power.

But with greater power, comes greater responsibility. My responsibility is to protect this forest. This forest does not have any people passing through, so I don’t really have anything to do. The only thing I can do is maintain the harmony of the forest, the equilibrium between the hunter and the hunted. In case the number of one party grows too quickly, the whole forest would be in danger.

But I am not able to intervene in this, because this forest doesn’t have any magic beasts.

To give an example, in an ordinary forest, when the numbers of the sheep herd go up, the wolf pack numbers will also go up correspondingly. Afterwards, the sheep who are hunted for food will increase, and the sheep numbers will fall. The wolf numbers will also fall. Ordinarily, it would be in the sort of opposing, steady state. But I used to live in a forest of demon race, where it wasn’t like this. No matter how many sheep it ate, the wolf would still be wolves. But if it were one of the demon race, if it eats other’s cores it will become even stronger. A wolf could very well turn into a lion. As such, the sheep would go extinct entirely.

Therefore, I was very busy in the demon forest. In order to prevent the forest from collapsing.

But here, everything was too leisurely. Everyday, I would bask in the sun with nothing to do.

I watched a bird, circling overhead and let out a yawn.

Two months ago, the person called Zhai He woke me up.

Killing Luopana, that was my only reason for living. I suffered in silence for that goal, but right now, I no longer had any plans of doing that.

Our Forest Kind had naturally long lifespans. Far longer than a human like Luopana. Even if I didn’t do anything, I could easily witness Luopana’s death. If I could, I hoped that he would die miserably, but even if he died happily that was fine.

There were only two kinds of tasks before me now, ones that I didn’t have to resolve, and ones that I couldn’t resolve.

The task bearing the brunt was the Wolf King attacking humans in the forest. I heard that the wolf king was eating not just a few travellers who were taking a shortcut. Right now, with my position of the lord of the forest, I couldn’t prevent it from eating people, but indulging him felt a little uncomfortable.

A while before, there was an issue that made me extremely suspicious. There was a time where there was the aura of a magic beast in the forest. Of course, I finally decided that the magic beast did not exist, because the magic beasts that did not absorb magic power could not live, and the forest’s magic power did not lessen at all. Moreover, even if I had wanted to deal with the magic beast, I couldn’t even find it.

Another thing is, this forest was rumored to have a ghost. I had never approached that piece of cursed forest, so I did not know what was going on. At least, I never had a reason to approach there because that piece of forest and the forest I’m affiliated with are two separate entities. Although there definitely weren’t any other Forest Kind there, the formation of territorial awareness over the years is still clearly imprinted in my mind.

But my awareness could cover there, so I could clearly feel the evil cold from there. For that kind of curse on a forest, even the entire earth as well as the people who passed over the ground there were cursed. Those negative rumors were continuously transmitted from there, so that even I will be affected.

Finally, one day, I resolved to deal with that lingering problem.

However, contrary to my expectations, when I finally resolved to deal with all these problems, they all disappeared.

The aforementioned wolf king returned, disheartened, to the heart of the forest, and no longer hunted people.

Afterwards, the curse mysteriously left.

And finally, even the small aura of magic beast was nowhere to be found.

Thus, today I was still utterly bored.

Besides chewing on a stalk of grass, gazing at the sky, I had nothing to do.

But, my resolve had changed entirely. That time, Zhia He had changed me. Right now, I was changing my self.

Even if I had abandoned assassinating Luopana, I wanted to fulfill the duties of the Forest Kind.

As such, i decided that tomorrow I would change the forest.

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