Weapon Shop Uncle Volume 1 Chapter 34

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The Uncle and the Gentle Night

Late at night.

Little Elan and Ka Luona were already sleeping. Mademoiselle Specter didn’t need to sleep and was currently upstairs, looking at the night sky. Mademoiselle Specter seemed to enjoy the nighttime scenery. Her view of this world felt a little sorrowful.

It’s probably due to her inability to touch anything.

Every time I see Mademoiselle Phantom’s smile, I always felt that that kind of smile was extremely empty. I even was reconsidering whether Mademoiselle Phantom should have joined our journey. If I was a hero would only want to protect everyone, it would be better to make them stay in a safe place. But I was not that young anymore.

Although I didn’t desire for Mademoiselle Phantom to disappear, if that really was her wish, I would not interfere, or forcefully urge her to stay.

But I wouldn’t accept that kind of outcome.

One day, I will definitely think of a way to analyze Mademoiselle Phantom’s body. If she was the type of a existence I could understand thoroughly, then maybe I could make her a body. But right now, there’s no way I could do that. I even can’t analyze other people’s “skeletons”.

I really hope that I will meet with Principal Maylise soon and learn the strongest forging technique.

There was not a sound to be heard, except for Jinwen leaning against me, swinging his two legs back and forth.

Right now, I was sewing JInwen’s clothes. Because I had taken an afternoon nap during the day, I was not tired at night.

The cloth had to be very small, so I bought higher-quality cloth. I even bought some golden thread. I remembered that in my original world, people would beg me to make doll clothing for them. So I was very skillful in handling this size of cloth.

A light blue jacket. Inside was a white shirt, with a white pleated collar. I used the golden-colored thread to embroider Jinwen’s name on the collar. For the pants, I made a pair of brown trousers. I cut off a small piece of leather from the saddle to make a pair of sturdy shoes. To speak frankly, the clothes and pants were easy to make, while the shoes were a bit more difficult. After I had finished making them, I solemnly used the needle on the leather to stitch on Jinwen’s name. Like this, all the clothes were custom-made.

“Try them on to see if they fit. If they don’t fit, I’ll fix them.


This time, he wasn’t being difficulty. He obediently took the clothes from my hand and scuttled behind the quilt.

After some rustling sounds, Jinwen came back out to take the stage.

“R-really suits me, daye!”

It really looked very good, if he didn’t have that leather collar.

“Can’t you take off that collar?”

I sent out a probing question.

Jinwen shook his head.

“There’s no way. I am a slave, and this is the mark of a slave.”

I sighed and rubbed JInwen’s head.

Jinwen used his two hands to grip my finger and lightly nibbled on my fingernail with his teeth.

Hengwang, thank you very much for today, wang.”

“No problem.”

While I was at it, I took the leftover cloth and sewed them together, making a little bed for Jinwen, although it just looks like a boxy mat. But JInwen really liked it. In addition, I made him a quilt for the bed that was quite useful for protecting against the cold. I couldn’t help but be deeply moved. Little Jinwen’s size is really a good thing. He only needs a little cloth to make everything, he also eats very little, and he is also popular among girls. When i thought of having Jinwen live together with us, I would also make him a little bowl, a little table, a little chiar, etc.

This was also a good way to pass the time on a boring trip.

Jinwen burrowed into the quilt, looking with glittering eyes at the ceiling.

Bendaye can’t sleep.”

“Then shall I tell you a story?”

I sat at Little Jinwen’s side.

“Give bendaye, a finger!”

I placed a finger on my right hand next to Jinwen. Jinwen immediately kicked off the blanket and with a swish was hugging my finger, just like a little koala

Enhuwang, bendaye, was defeated in the war between the humans and the demon race and was captured. We also got rid of many humans. Of course, I didn’t personally kill humans because I was too weak. However, bendaye’s, ears are super sharp. If I didn’t have this collar restricting me, I could hear over a sound over a thousand meters away. Even with this collar, I can hear for sounds within tens of meters clearly. So they made bendaye, into a pet for sale.”

“Didn’t you think of taking off that necklace and going back to the demon race?”

Hengwang, bendaye doesn’t have a place to go back to. Everybody lost because I heard the bastards from the Expedition Legion deliberately planting false information. Right now, everybody hates bendaye. What’s more, right now I am a slave. Slaves cannot take off their collars.”

“Is that so.”

I spoke noncommittally.

“What about you, uncle?”


“Why did you offer shelter to me, a demon? And also that little girl, isn’t she a demon? Today, when I was standing on her hat, I could feel her sharp little horns protruding from her head. I have heard of that kind of demon.”

“Taking you in like this, if I want to take you in I’ll do it. There isn’t any kind of special reason for it.”

“So it was like that.”

Jinwen’s ears twitched happily, and his little tail wagged.

Before long, he had entered dreamland.

I gently extracted my finger, and covered him with the blanket.

Jinwen made hulu hulu  (snoring) sounds.

A burst of sleepiness came over me. My head nodded for a bit and I fell asleep on my bed.

In a daze, I seemed to hear the sounds of a flute. The flute was melodious, but it was not pleasant to listen to. It was both oppressive and depressing, like the sound of the flute used to lead departed souls to the realm of Hades.

Afterwards, when I woke up, I discovered that Little Jinwen was nowhere to be seen.

The blanket had been folded up neatly. It was he himself who left.

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