Accompanying the Phoenix – Chapter 4.2

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One day, Chen Li was bathing in the sun by the lake, bored and asked Xing Yun, “Why not make a living out of fortune telling? You are so talented in that aspect.”

Seeing as how his fate is already so short, with power simaler to the gods, what’s the harm of taking the high road and tell others their fortune? With his fame, even if he only worked for a day, his life would still be several times better than it is right now. However, Xing Yun had always been too indifferent- Except for the time when he won the bacon and copper, Chen Li never saw him use it.

“That is not a good art.” Xing Yun simply said lightly, “My life is well and stable. That practice is all on self interest and not well looked or relied upon. “

Chen Li raised an eyebrow- Why there are actually mortals with good moral character! Seeing as how since Xing Yun already knew of the truths, she chose to change the subject instead. “Xing Yun, when you are cooking, do you add any medicine or elixirs to the food? If you do, let me see!”

Xing Yun only smiled while turning to look at her and said, “Hah? Do you really think that I can afford those??”

Chen Li fell silent, after all, ah…. He is a guy not even able to afford meat, how could he spare for tonics to add to the mantou? However, her self-recovery is far faster these days. As she healed more and more, she gradually grew more interested into the secret. Perhaps even in the next few days, she could even her spirit power….

Tu, tu, tu, tu, tu!!

As the two talked in the courtyard, a series of rapid knocks descended on the door. Xing Yun let out a small cry of shock before slowly heading to open the door.

Chen Li felt a little upset, but more surprised. As she stayed in Xing Yun’s home, she had come to an understanding that he rarely had visitors. Other than the peasant girl, she had never seen anyone take the initiative to visit Xing Yun. Curious, she quickly ran to the door with him. But when the door opened, Chen Li felt an unmistakable dangerous atmosphere. Her breathing felt stifled and harsh as she looked around the room warily. She was shocked to see a withered hand suddenly whip out and grab Xing Yun tightly by the arm.

The power of the arm seemed to be quite great, forcing Xing Yun to stumble back 2 steps, almost trampling Chen Li to death!

The door opened and Chen Li saw that the owner of the hand was actually a women! Excitement poured from the old women when she saw Xing Yun, almost in a trance like state as she stared, repeatedly mummering,

“Immortal, Immortal……..” Her husky voice called out, “Immortal… They say you know magic, know events no one else does, and see the future… Immortal! Please help!”

Chen Li looked up at Xing Yun, who was about to speak, making everyone draw a breath in anticipation.

“Well…. You see, I’m really far to busy to help….” Xing Yun said, “Soo…”

Xing Yun barely spoke before at the other end of the street, a man yelled loudly, “Sister in Law!” before quickly rushing over to the door and grabbing the middle aged women’s arm tightly, “ Sis in Law! Stop it, hurry, let’s go back.”

The man looked as if he was only in his 40s, but the women already had a crouched back, her face reflecting the years of old age, looking like she is tortured just from living life alone. She did not bother with the man, only staring at Xing Yun, a hopeful light reflected in her eyes. “Sir Immortal, sir immortal! I beg of you, please help me! My husband has been missing for 15 years, please help me find him! Please, sir immortal!”

“Oh! Sister in law…. You actually went to one of those faker’s places…. It’s been so many years, yet you are still asking, even to those people. ” The sentence said by the man seemed to touch a painful spot on the women’s heart, making her yell, “No matter how long, I must ask! Even if he has left for many years, he is still, after all, my husband! If I ask and search will all my might, I will surely find him one day! If I search, day by day, no matter how long, I’m sure I can find him!”

Ah… Chen Li looked down, a somber mood spreading outwards from her. It is actually a soldier’s wife…. Chen Li, of all people, were especially clear on those who died during service. No matter how long their loved ones search, amidst all the corpses, you won’t even be able to find the body…

Xing Yun gently pulled her hand away, and smiled lightly at the old lady, saying, “Madame, I apologize. I truly cannot find your husband, you should go home and get some rest.”

The old women did not leave, instead staying rooted to the spot and glaring, “Ha! You aren’t an immortal, you’r just a fake, that’s why you can’t help me find my husband! Even if you can’t, I want you to at least tell me of his life and death, ai!”

Xing Yun hurriedly sent the middle aged man a smile. “I’ve troubled you” He quickly made a gesture to stop talking as Xing Yun said, “I need to cook.”

The old man hesitated before hurriedly nodding his head as he half dragged, half talked the old women away. Xing Yun only closed the door indifferently as he walked to the kitchen to cook per normal. Chen Li quickly followed at his feet, asking curiously, “You can see what happened to him, right? Why not tell the women? Did you see her husband die?”

“No.” Xing Yun only said lightly, “I did not see anything at all.”

Chen Li stared at Xing Yun, shocked. “B-But….” Chen Li kept repeating that word for a long time, not knowing what to say. Xing Yun, having the power to oppose the heavens, yet not interfering with the laws of nature… Earlier, she had seen that as praiseworthy. But now… even knowing it’s wrong, Chen Li couldn’t help but want to help the 2. She knew that if her own soldiers were killed, she would never let the families and loved ones of the deceased be waiting.

Chen Li quietly looked up at Xing Yun- For the two ounces of meat, he saved a child, yet he also watched the old women cry indifferently….
He really didn’t live like the typical carefree person, it could be said that he was… detached


It was night, silent. Out of habit, Xing Yun never locks the door, making it easy for Chen Li to quickly sneak out. With a little push, she was off and ran into the darkness
From inside the building, there was a sigh. “This chicken really is too nosy.”

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