Accompanying the Phoenix – Chapter 4.1

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“Hah! Between the two of us, obviously I am obviously right in my fortune telling! How favourable for me!” The fortune teller swore. “I, Wang Banxian have been in this business for so long, why would I believe you? Therefore, let us make a deal in front of everybody- If this kid does not come back, or what you said wasn’t accurate, than you…” He looked straight at Xing Yun. “You must give me the broiler chicken!”

Chen Li exploded with anger, her wings opening up powerfully, yet Xing Yun only quietly pressed them down.

Relax. I’m here. No one is taking you away.”

She didn’t know what kind of strange power his words had but she, who was always going ahead and confronting everything herself, was actually comforted by his words. In this rare circumstance she chose to believe him. Such a weak mortal being protecting her…
It really feels amazing!

Time went by slowly, after noon, the young man still hadn’t come back.  Wang Banxian gradually became pink as he felt more and more prideful. Yet Xing Yun still wasn’t the least bit fazed, only occasionally glancing at the meat shop, listening carefully as the prices got yelled.

After an hour, the fortune teller Wang Banxian laughed.“Ha! This guy has still not come. Give the broiler chicken to me!”

“Why should I give the chicken to you?” Xing Yun lightly replied . “Is he not over there, on his way back?”

Wang Banxian looked at the alleyway. “Nonsense! Where is the man and son?” At that second, 2 figures appeared at the end of the alleyway, and upon a closer look, it was the father and son! They quickly approached Xing Yun together before bowing deeply. “Many thanks, brother! Ah, if you hadn’t convinced me to go back, I’m afraid my children would’ve been long burned to death in the wood shed!

“Thank you, thank you, uncle!” The child bit his fingers, a dazed look in his eyes.

The young man laughed, and quickly said “ I’m sorry, I have nothing more but this. My wife has been curing this piece of meat for 2 years, look, you see?” Chen Li eyed the piece of bacon disdainfully, before shining at Xing Yun with a light in her eyes. Xing Yun shook his head decisively at the young man in reply, saying,

“ I am a gentleman.”

The father son pair headed home happily. Wang Banxian looked at them bitterly before turning to look slowly at Xing Yun who had his hand outstretched. “10 copper pieces.”

Wang Banxian slapped his forehead and said, “Hah, really a gentleman. Not at all scary, this can easily be ended as compensation.” He took out a bag with 10 coppers and slammed it into Xing Yun’s hand. He then left, only saying, “ Hmth, count it yourself””

Xing Yun only smiled provokingly, “ Soon, in the near future, all your good fortune shall rot and your family will face internal destruction.

Wang Banxian shivered, and quickly ran home down the street.

A few days later, news of Wang Banxian was quickly heard and gossiped about around the market. Apparently that day he came back home with no money. Thus, his wife took a shoe and ferociously slapped  him on the face, screaming and asking why he made not one penny!? Since then, his face has been scarred red and bloody, and hasn’t made another penny since.

Why did Chen Li know of such boring news? Because ever since that happened, the whole town suddenly knew of the real fortune teller. Far and wide, even the neighboring towns had heard of a real miracle fortune teller that could actually see one’s future!

Seeing this piece of news, Chen Li looked up at Xing Yun. “Why it seems that you actually do know real fortunetelling.”

Xing Yun shrugged. “Just a bit.”

Chen Li was silent for a long while before finally speaking again. “Revealing the future, the gods will not accept this.”

“I know. That is why, on most days, I am selling medicine.”  Xing Yun’s voice was calm and solemn, but when he saw Chen Li staring at him intently, his face broke out into a smile. “ It is heaven’s nature. To prevent suffering for another, they themselves must suffer in their stead. Everything must be balanced. “

Chen Li, who was not entirely clear on the matter suddenly felt awakened. His life is already destined to be short lived, so as such it did not matter if it was to be shortened anymore anyways. Chen Li was surprised that a mortal could glimpse into the truth, and yet, with heaven being so secretive….. You can imagine that if he had a healthy body, his power and knowledge would most likely be enough to even be able to bite back at the heavens!

Xing Yun…. Each time she digs at his identity, the truth only seems more bewildering.

In the outside, the rumors have only been exaggerated to no ends. However, it did not at all affect Xing Yun’s day to day life. He is simply still taking care of his day clinic, the sun is still rising, and the fish are still swimming.

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