A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting to be Appreciated – Volume 3 Chapter 74

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Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang Vol03 Ch74: Finale

The Marquess of Jing-An’s fame was short-lived, his defeat at a small city disappeared along with the conventional monarchies.

Yun Chang had already lost their Royal House Bei Mo and Gui Le were no different. The scattered troops had no leader, and after many years of war, the peasants were eager to live peaceful and harmonious lives.

The unification was already set in stone. What everyone needed was a king that the entire world recognised.

Who else was more qualified other than the Duke of Zhen-Bei to take on this important job?

What He Xia had spent his lifetime on, in the end, only became the achievement of his one and only rival.




“Sword!” Ze Qing scratched his head helplessly, correcting Changxiao for the hundredth time.

Changxiao argued back for the hundredth time too. “Knife-knife!”

Ze Qing turned around and begged, “Godfather, Godfather, hurry and tell Changxiao this is a precious sword, not a knife.”

“You little fool. If he likes saying it’s a knife, then let him say it’s a knife. After all, names are created by people.” Fanlu’s voice was loud as he lifted the curtain, swaggering inside with Zuiju. “Main General Ze Yin, I’m here today to drink a very important cup of tea.”

Zuiju narrowed her eyes at him, “Forget it, you ought to be ashamed of yourself.”

“What do I have to be ashamed about? I’m a saviour.”

“What kind of saviour would force others to get their son to be his godson?”

Fanlu harrumphed, “What’s wrong with being my grandson? That Ze Qing kid sure has a great deal.”

Zuiju frowned, “Why does he have a great deal?”

“Isn’t getting a beautiful flower-like godmother for no reason a great deal?” This was something Zuiju couldn’t retort back at all.

The two kids watched amusedly as they bickered. Ze Yin was at one side, smiling as he watched.

Because of Ze Yin’s rescue, Yangfeng was exceptionally grateful to Fanlu and long discussed about getting Ze Qing to acknowledge him as his godfather. When she heard Fanlu had arrived, she immediately hurried to greet him and happened to hear Fanlu’s last words. She stood by the door, laughing softly, “Yes, that child Ze Qing really has got a great deal.”

At her words, everyone laughed.

Although Fanlu was a bit strange, he was on good terms with everyone. He took his acknowledgement in being a godfather as an official matter. He sent official invitations with a bit of a fanfare to several friends. When noon came, everyone all came through the door. Ruo Han was first to arrive, followed by Moran and Luo Shang and the others. In the end, even Chu Beijie turned up.

After He Xia’s death, everyone was busy dealing with the collapsed lifestyles of the countries. This was the first time they’d seen each other for a while hence after the ceremony was finished, they naturally didn’t disband immediately.

Fanlu obtained a few pots of good alcohol and opened all of them, allowing the scent of alcohol to escape into every corner.

When there was good alcohol, the place was naturally lively. Everyone had come from different places and began to chat, inevitably reaching the topic of He Xia. Huo Yunan drank a few sips of alcohol, suddenly sighing, “That situation was so difficult back then. Who would’ve thought He Xia would charge towards a mere Qierou? We were really, really lucky.”

Ze Yin asked, “Elder Doctor, why were we lucky?”

“If the Shuitai Regiment and Yongtai Regient didn’t immediately follow the Duke’s uprising, wouldn’t that be terrible?”

Fanlu waved dismissively. “Sometimes three inches of snow aren’t done in just a single day of cold. Father-in-Law, war is always about the heart and mind. Although He Xia looked like he had great power, without a loyal morale in his troops, the seeds to defeat were actually and already be planted.

His words were justified. Ruo Han and the others all knew what war was like, and they all nodded to themselves.

Huo Yunan’s train of thought was much slower. “But back then at Qierou, it really was very dangerous. Look, two regiments were against two. Our side only had a few more thousand worth from the Ting army. That place was Yun Chang territory, and if the people nearby heard the Yun Chang army was locked in battle with another army, wouldn’t it have been terrible if the Ganfeng Regiment hurried over?”

Moran respectfully replied, “Elderly Doctor, the Gangfeng Regiment was different to the Shuitai and Yongxiao Regiments. They weren’t given the antidotes from the Duke, so their limbs were still strengthless. They couldn’t’ve rushed over.”

Ze Yin calmly added, “Even if they did rush over, I’m afraid they wouldn’t help He Xia either. Most of the Ganfeng Regiment is also Yun Chang men. If they knew He Xia killed Yaotian, they would’ve definitely been furious.”

Yangfeng reminded them, “You shouldn’t call the Duke, ‘the Duke’, but the Emperor in the future.”

Chu Beijie laughed, “If I can’t talk to you when I become the Emperor in the future, I might as well not be the Emperor.” He added honestly, “Back then, all I promised Pingting was to give her a cosy and peaceful home.”

“If you don’t properly manage with all your heart, how could the world possibly be at peace?”

Chu Beijie chuckled, suddenly thinking of something, “How is the Jing-An Ducal Residence right now?”

Everyone was quite concerned about this matter. Ruo Han’s subordinates were in charge of this, so they all turned to Ruo Han.

Ruo Han spoke, “It’s been going well. The peasants still have respect towards the House of Jing-An. It’s just that He Xia…Well anyways, Emperor has ordered the Jing-An Ducal Residence is to be rebuilt, so that it can be used as an academy for the peasants’ children. Many of the peasants have taken the initiative to help. Not only are they willing to do it voluntarily, they’re even donating their own money and grain as well as their private collections of books. That kid, Dongzhuo, hasn’t said anything at all but he does things very well so management is clear and logical.”

Chu Beijie said, “Pingting is very worried about him. I’m currently wondering whether or not to wait until the matter of the Jing-An Ducal Residence has been resolved, but send another Order, so he can be summoned into the Royal Residence for Pingting to see him.”

Ruo Han thought for a bit and frowned. “He handed me a form, indicating that he wanted to stay in the Jing-An Ducal Residence because he would like to guard the graves of He Xia and He Xia’s ancestors. And, when the Jing-An Ducal Residence is rebuilt and the academy opened, he would still like to stay in the academy to help the children of the peasants. But if he is decreed to come, he will definitely come.”

Chu Beijie shook his head. “No need to force him. Just let him stay there. Pingting will be a bit more relieved if the Jing-An Ducal Residence affairs are left to him.”

After the people scattered in the sweet haze of alcohol, Chu Beijie came to retrieve Changxiao who had been left playing there. Yangfeng sent him all the way to the door, quietly asking, “Is Pingting better?”

Chu Beijie’s face darkened a bit, “It’s a sickness of the heart, the hardest to heal. I’m afraid it’ll take a long time.”

Yangfeng sighed, “Being distraught is inevitable since she grew up with He Xia.”

Chu Beijie knew that and sighed too, “Don’t worry, I’ll look after her properly.”

He carried Changxiao back to the Royal Residence, seeing Pingting in the distance.

His most beloved woman was standing alone in the porch. Her face had its usual leisurely elegance, and her eyes were fixed on the centre of a nearby lake. It felt like murky darkness at the bottom of the lake would be clarified, having its mysteries unveiled with her wisdom.

Changxiao yelled, “Mother! Mother!” He ran and pounced forwards.

Pingting heard her son’s voice and shifted her gaze away from the centre of the lake. She turned and pursed her lips in a smile, bending down to hug her son. Chu Beijie walked over, holding her around the waist. “What are you thinking, standing here so thoughtfully?”

Changxiao was hugged by Pingting for a bit before thrashing around, wanting to play on the ground. Pingting bent down and let him free, patting his head. “Be a bit careful. Don’t play with the knife-knife.” She then straightened to answer Chu Beijie’s question, “I’m thinking about the Queen’s Crown.”

Chu Beijie was very curious, “Why would you ever want such a tacky thing?”

Pingting shook her head, “Not mine, but Yaotian’s.”

Chu Beijie knew she was still upset over He Xia. His arms tightened, letting her comfortably lean in his chest. He slowed his voice down, “Why are you thinking about Yaotian’s Queen Crown?”

Pingting was silent for a long time, frowning deep in thought before saying, “Do you still remember our past?”

Chu Beijie thought for a bit, smiling, “I remember every single thing about our past. Why don’t you let me listen to the ones you’re referring to?”

Pingting closed her eyes and thought for a moment. Her delicate lips moved slightly, listing, “The five year truce in the valley, the death of the two Princes of Dong Lin, Pingting’s hunger strike. It’s just a rough number, but we actually had three opportunities.”

Chu Beijie was baffled, “Opportunities for what?”

Pingting raised her head to look at Chu Beijie, her bright eyes flashing as she replied, “If you had been heartless, not giving any mercy to Pingting, in these three opportunities, we would’ve been like He Xia and Princess Yaotian.”

Chu Beijie laughed, “I’m not He Xia, nor are you Princess Yaotian.”

Pingting gave him a profound look, sighing sadly. “True. That’s why I’m not Princess Yaotian, and you are not He Xia.”

This sigh seemed to take away all of the sadness of life and death. She remained in Chu Beijie’s arms, only feeling incredibly warm and comfortable.

The clever me, the stupid me, the kind me, the evil me…are they all the me you love?

Pingting stayed in Chu Beijie’s warm embrace, revealing a sweet smile.

The sun set in the west, and the moon came out.

We once swore to the moon, to never turn against each other.

This kind of love, one that wouldn’t turn against each other, was perhaps something mortals could not shatter.


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