When I’m translating it’s like yay~ this is pretty interesting, and fun! But then… I hit a bump and it’s like why must you do this to me?? as I go and search up the term in 3 different languages and click on like 20 links to make sure it’s not actually a word and face the task of deciding an English equivalent. And then there’s the Chinese idioms and expressions and the way the narrator perspective (in Island) switch between 3rd person and 1st person! *tears* But at the end of it all it’s like

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Hell Yeah I’m Done!! XD

BTW, I don’t normally talk like this. I just think like this sometimes, especially after translating lol~ Anyways, I’ll do my best with translating so please do check out Island End of Nightmare~


Sonia’s Intro:

Our current super capable editor.

Yumeabyss has a new staff~ B/c he hasn’t come up with an intro yet, let’s introduce how his name came to be.

One bright summer afternoon, once Chiyomira successfully brainwashed the new translator…
C: So what do you want your name to be?
V: How about t**k***? (name was tacky in my opinion so…)
C: Oh, TK? Sure, lol, you know why I suggested TK?
V: No way right? I thought you weren’t into that type of games.
C: Yup lol, let’s go with DK, I mean TK.
V: No! Then in that case just use the other one!
C: Oh, WhyaMIHERE? You sure?
V: It’s WIMHERE, didn’t I explain this already? What’s wrong with the name?
C: It doesn’t seem to fit Yumeabyss.
V: Then Voidli—
C: Voidlike? Ok! (got tired of teasing by now)
V: No, Voidlight! Do I need to spell it out for you? V-O-I-D-L-I-
C: And that was how his name was decided! Voidlight will be helping mainly with translating Cultivating to be a Great Celestial and Xiao Qi, Wait.

One summer evening a few days later…

C: Oh yeah, do you want to come up with an intro?
V: Don’t bother. Just put dot dot dot.
C: Ok, I’ll put that then. XD

Voidlight’s Intro

V: …

Lastly there’s our third staff member who joined a few days after Voidlight.

Mintzu’s Intro (Update: Mintzu is busy looking for a job so she has retired from being an editor)

Interviewer Chiryomira has three questions: What made you decide to offer to edit for yumeabyss? What do you think of Chiyomira’s translations? What do you think of Chiyomira’s personality? (⁎⚈᷀᷁▿⚈᷀᷁⁎)
M: I decided to offer my petty editing in hope that the chapters will be released faster haha! /not so hidden motive
You have a very nice and cute personality haha~ thanks for your sacrifice in translating the novels teehee~ I think your translation is quite good and easy to read owo)b
C: (#^^#)ゞ And that’s our sweet editor Mintzu who will be helping with pretty much all of the projects~

Projects Hosted:
Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort
Cultivating to Become a Great Celestial
Island: End of Nightmare
The Cry of the Phoenix which reached the Ninth Heaven 
Xiao Qi, Wait

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  1. Mintzu says:

    I love your translation~~~

    Did that increase the percentage of faster chapter release HAHA

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    please, respond my email

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    I love your translations and choice of novels (especially XQW hehehe). I’ve got all of them bookmarked! 😀

    Thanks as always!!

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