World Record Chapter 97

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97. Conversation

「So, that’s why you called me immediately」

Nee-san is standing in front of me.
I explained what bath is to the girl, and sent her into the bathroom after heating the water, but……as a result, well, it was a disaster.
Nevertheless, the option of me entering the bath with me is the final mean because she is a girl after all.

「I want Nee-san to enter the bath with her」

When I said that, Nee-san sighed greatly and looked towards my back.

「I don’t mind, but is that girl behind you who’s showing her killing intents, safe? She looks like she’s going to kill me once I leave my weapon and enter the bath……」

I turned back when I heard that, and there’s a blue eye peeping through the partly opened door.
The eye has the burning flame of hatred and the wariness towards Nee-san.

「Well, that part I will leave it to Nee-san……」
「What a casual brother I have……」

While saying that, Nee-san lean the katana, 『Mumei』 against the side of the entrance, and walked towards her.
The sound of the slippers resounded, and each time Nee-san approaches her, the killing intent becomes bigger.
And, it’s down to 1 meter now–

「Hey, girl, do you hate that guy?」
「Nn…very. I want him to die」

–An instant reply.
Whether or not she did it to emphasize it, she said that while showing her face from the door.
Upon seeing that, Nee-san laughed.

「Well, I see, I see. I also hate this guy……well, maybe not. He has the habit of keeping things inside without saying, after all」

My body shakes upon hearing the bombshell statement.
In contrast with me who’s not calm in mind, the girl felt interested for the first time.

「That’s why, why not we go into the bathroom and have a little talk because this pervert may hear us here? I’ll tell you about this guy’s weaknesses」
「Let’s go」

The moment she heard weaknesses, she said that and came out of the room, and I was very shocked by that.
It’s a risky attempt that can only work because there’s the 『villain』, me, but I didn’t expect that she would open her heart so fast.
Nee-san who sent me a look.

「Fuu, this is the difference between you and me」

While saying that, she brought the girl to the bathroom.




I…hate that man.
If you ask how much I hate him…I hate him to the extent…I feel unpleasant when I am with him.


I sigh while taking off my clothes in the place called bathroom.
Then, the woman who’s stripping next to me, looks at me as if she heard my sigh.


Compared to that guy…I probably…don’t hate this person.
I……can’t trust her, but this person didn’t kill Tou-san…and I can’t feel any hostility from her. That’s why…I don’t hate her.

「Well, you’re quite beautiful. That’s why, you should pay a little attention to it. Otherwise, you’ll grow old」
「……Grow old?」

I don’t mean……that I don’t understand.
I can see that…this person is also beautiful.
I think I will become like her…if I eat and sleep a lot.
But…I’m not interested in such thing.

「I don’t mind because nothing will change. I don’t have anyone to show it to……」
「Nn? Don’t you have one? That guy who fed you this morning」

……Ah, that guy.
I don’t get her for a moment, but after thinking for a while, I recalled that man.
The reason I didn’t get her is probably because I don’t care at all. It’s unimaginable to live in order to show it to that man.


While saying that, I walk into the bathroom.
A white room I have never seen before.
The floor is slippery, and I slipped a while ago. I’m being careful this time, so I should be alright.

「You have already washed your body, right? So, get into the bathtub first」

Although I don’t like being ordered…because I’m curious of this thing called bathtub…I listened to her.
I tried touching the warm water in the box.
Warm. Maybe a little hot.
But for a flame user as me…the heat is just right, and I placed my body into the bathtub.


A long breath leaked out from my mouth.
The shower’s sound stopped, and I can hear a laughing sound.

「You……sound like a middle-aged man」

When I said that thinking that I was made fun of, she smiles and enters the bathtub after tying her hair.
The water overflows, and she also breathes out.
You’re also the same.
I tried to said that–

「Between the gloomy Iwato and the ridiculously odd tension Iwato. Which one do you prefer?」

Suddenly, she said that.

「I hate both」

I replied instantly.
Then, she smiled wryly, sighed and looked at the ceiling.

「You really hate him, huh…… I thought that you might be a tsundere」
「I don’t know…but I hate him. I want him to die at once」

There’s no way I would like–the person who killed my innocent father.
She probably perceived that it’s useless to ask such questions. She raises her index fingers of both hands.

「Change the way you listen. The previous Iwato who does things forcibly on his own and the current Iwato who’s putting up a face. Which one do you hate?」

–Which one do I hate?
I hate both of them…but still, if you ask me which one irritates me the most……

「……The previous one. Irritating」

She relaxed her expression a little after hearing my answer.
I hesitated whether to tell her or not, but when I realized it…my mouth spoke on its own.

「I don’t know much. Even though I’m the unfortunate one because my father was killed…he had the look as if he experienced something even worse. The guy who made me sorrow, looks more sorrow than me……」
「It made you irritated?」

I nodded…but only a little.

「But…I’m also irritated with the current one. As if he doesn’t feel anything…despite killing a person……」
「If he doesn’t feel anything, then, he wouldn’t let you stay in this house」

The woman who said that, pointed her finger at me.

「You’re now being loved」

–Being loved.
I know the meaning…but that’s why, I don’t understand.

「Up until now, he fought against the sin desperately. Then, he consulted me after he couldn’t endure it anymore. He acts as if he has gotten over it even though he hasn’t. His heart and body are both worn out」

I gulped instinctively.
I thought that he has already forgotten about it.
Because he has gotten over it, he could take such attitude. I also thought of how to make him suffer.
And yet, he hasn’t……?

「If you wanna ask why he does that, it’s simple. Yesterday, after he returned, he probably thought about it desperately. What he should do in order to make you happy? Then, he came to a conclusion. No matter how much you hate him, he at least will try to not show his pessimistic side to you」
「……Why…you know–」

I asked her.
After all…I’m only the daughter of the man he killed. There’s no need to do that much. It’s good enough for me…as long as he just let me kill him.
And yet, why–

「I said it, didn’t I? Because you’re loved」

I felt that my face became a little red.

「T-That means–」
「……Well, the root of the feelings is probably the guilt of killing your father. Being crushed by the feelings of guilt, but still, he will sacrifice himself to wish for your happiness. The feelings of trying to bring happiness to someone by self-sacrifice, is in other words, love」

–I don’t know whether or not there’s love feelings.
Although she finished her words, I feel a little weird.
I sink my face a little, and breath out.

「To be honest, I don’t think your feelings will change just because you’re being loved. You probably still hate him like usual, and probably thinking of killing him when you find an opening」

While saying that, she stands up.
When I look up at her, she’s smiling broadly while placing her hands on her waist.


「But there’s no woman who won’t be happy if someone say “I love you” to her. If it’s a man who’s trying to make the woman happy by himself, then, it’s all the more」


She said that with a slightly red face.

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